Treason's Greetings

[Editor's Note: Here in Canada many folks like to think that the 49th Parallel is an actual barrier separating us from the United States of America. We try our best to disassociate ourselves from much of what is contained in the article below. Still, for the most part, our efforts are in vain. Just as no man is an island so too no nation is an island unto itself and the actions and events that take place on the other side of that international fence line we call the U.S. border does affect Canadians and in more ways than most think. 9/11 was a direct hit on Canadians as well as Americans in that we lost Canadian lives in that false flag event too. It also affected us other similar ways to America, especially with regard to government reactions that occurred right after the attack. No sooner had the Bush regime brought in the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 than Canada's federal government enacted its Anti-Terrorism Act, also in 2001 right around the time that MP's were leaving to return home to their families for Christmas. It was then that our freedom of speech on the internet took a direct hit on the jaw. So maybe there are lessons that the American's can share with us to stem the tide of treason within our own federal government. Knowledge is power. Plug in and awaken and let your light shine forth!]
From the same public servants who have gifted us with:
o The 9/11 state terrorist attacks against the American people, as well as many other false flag state terrorist attacks against the people of the world since the 19th century;
o The incremental gutting of the US Bill of Rights using 9/11 as a pretext, with the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the proposed Homegrown Terrorism and Radicalization of 2007, and now the embedded detention/torture provisions in the
National Defense Authorization Act of 2012,  as well as many other such enabling pieces of legislation/unchallenged executive orders/statutes/policies and court decisions since the latter part of the 19th century;
o  Since 1989, the US Congress-sanctioned covert/proxy US military/NATO/UN/IDF genocides in Panama, Haiti, Kosovo/Bosnia, Central Africa, Lebanon, Iraq, Afganistan, Gaza, Libya and Pakistan, with further planned US/NATO/IDF genocides in Syria and Iran, the latter seven also using the 9/11 state false flag terrorist attacks against the American people as a pretext for these war crimes;  this also includes the covert ongoing geobiocide -- the destruction of the planet and all life upon it -- occuring in and around, as well as from, Fukushima and the region of the Gulf of Mexico;
o  Aiding and abetting through strategic legislative action and inaction the banking cartel-engineered destruction, through massive fraud, of the global financial system and consolidation of control of the communications media and educational systems, with this financial and cultural terrorism being especially directed at the American people as a prominent example for all to take warning;
o  Aiding and abetting through strategic legislative action and inaction the use covert terrorism against the American people and the people of the world through chemical and biological toxification, mass mind control and disturbance of/in our air, water, land, food, water, medicine and physical wellbeing, the massive suppression of alternative energy technologies, the covert use of threats, harassment, illegitmate criminalization and imprisonment as well as violence and assassination against those who dissent --
o  As well as so much more -- all with the intention of reducing the population of our planet by 90%, the better to help the 1% completely to enslave those who survive.
We the people -- the real superpower -- the 99% -- must together take back our power from these inhuman systems created in our name that have betrayed us.  We must first confess our complicity in the creation of these systems through willful ignorance and denial, then act peacefully but decisively to dismantle them, thenceforth using our power to create that which truly sustains our integrity as  human beings, and that of this world which we seek more fulsomely to occupy.
May you draw power from that of this holy season, both to look within and act withal, on your own behalf and that of all life, humbly accepting the possibility of unexpected support from divine/cosmic agencies during this unprecedented time of planetary crisis.