Steve Bernard

Shake-Up at Shaw


Shake-Up at Shaw


Arthur Topham
QC Sentinel

November 15, 2011

"Something's happening here but it just ain't exactly clear"

Stephen Stills, For What It's Worth, 1966

What do you do with a videographer who moves to a small community in the central interior of B.C. to work for a large corporate cable television company and ends up spending sixteen years dedicated to the local people, making themself available basically night and day in order to help develop a community cable news and entertainment network so that the citizens can stay informed on issues important to their city? Why after such determination and dedication and service you do the obvious thing. You just call them into your office and with no explanation whatsoever give them their walking papers and say their services are no longer required. And to make double sure that they don't do anything that could jeopardize matters you take away their keys and prevent them from ever entering the studio they once called home for the greater portion of their professional life!

Sound a bit weird to you? Well it certainly does sound strange and rather unbelievable yet that is just what happened in Quesnel on Wednesday, November 2nd when Shaw cable's well respected representative for Quesnel and area, Steve Bernard, experienced just such a scenario as described above.

Shaw's former videographer Steve Bernard filming the St. Laurent Ave. Re-opening ceremonies at
Spirit Place in downtown Quesnel on October 27th.  
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