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The Liberal Government and BC Hydro state that only a small number of people are concerned about the Wireless Smart Meters being forced upon them without consent. This is not accurate. Within one week, thousands of signatures have been gathered on a Petition organized by Citizens for Safe Technology Society demanding a moratorium and full independent review of BC Hydro's Wireless Smart Meter program.
To date, over 13,000 Petitioners are refusing the forced installation of Wireless Smart Meters, or demanding these same meters be removed for reasons of health, cost, privacy, security and safety. The Petition (both online and hard copies) will be presented to the Legislature on November 24, 2011, by John Horgan, NDP Opposition, Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources critic, MLA for Juan de Fuca.

BC Hydro’s ‘Smart’ Meters: Confronting Corix

BC Hydro’s ‘Smart’ Meters: Confronting Corix
Arthur Topham
November 18, 2011
Just how smart is BC Hydro? As smart as the so-called “Smart Meter” that they’ve undertaken to install on every residential, industrial and governmental building throughout the province of B.C.?
I’ve been aware of their plans and have been following the controversy that has been building from day one regarding the number of legitimate concerns that the people of British Columbia have voicing: health concerns; privacy concerns; and the hidden costs that inevitably show up after the system has been put in place and the consumer realizes that their hydro bill continues to skyrocket as it has ever since the Liberal government under former leader Gordon Campbell, began selling off the once pride and joy of B.C. to foreign interests  in the Liberal’s bid to privatize anything and everything that once benefitted the people of the province.
The dismantling of one of our most prized and lucrative Crown corporations is a story for another time. What I want to share in this article is my own experience thus far with how the Liberal government and BC Hydro are doing their damnedest to have their ‘Smart’ Meters installed as quickly as possiby and before the uninformed electorate realize exactly what has happened to them.

Petition calling for moratorium on the dumb "Smart" meters

Hello Concerned Ctizens!
Please sign this petition calling for a moratorium on smart meters in BC. NDP Energy Critic John Horgan will take all your signatures (online and hard copy) into the Victoria Legislature on November 24 and demand a halt to the Smart Meter Program. (There are over 3,000 signatures so far.)
Thank you!

*** A public service announcement from the Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel

Robert Bateman discusses the lack of choice regarding Smart Meters (Part 2)

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Robert Bateman discusses health and Smart Meters (Part 1)

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Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm Talks About Smart Meters

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BC Hydro's Smart Meters: Dumb, Dangerous & Dictatorial

Installation of Smart Meters an infringement of Canadian Rights

October 21, 2011

Dear Editor:

cc: MP Dick Harris, MLA Bob Simpson, City of Quesnel (Mayor and Council), City Hall

Re: Smart Meters

I am deeply concerned about the people and all biological systems that inhabit this community and province; as well as other areas that have had Smart Meters imposed upon it.  As a health care practitioner who has utilized electro-magnetic (EMF) technology for the provision of health care since 2006, I, as well as many clients/patients, can attest to the affect that even extremely short (1/100 sec), small amperage EMF pulses can have on human beings and living systems. In controlled settings, biofeedback systems utilize EMF pulses that are precise, specific frequencies which are calibrated and harmonized to only provide health enhancement.  Such a biofeedback system is default set to disallow any frequency that could potentially be harmful to the client/patient through specifically calibrating the biofeedback system to that client.


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