Ron Paull for Mayor of Quesnel

Paull Plan for Multi Centre includes Contingency Option



October 30, 2010

Quesnel mayoral candidate Ron Paull, in his commitment to comment on issues in the November 19 civic elections, has released his position statement on the proposed Multi Centre. Paull said that in the last two elections, this was a major plank in his platform, as it is today. He noted he and wife Pat Morton held season tickets for Quesnel Millionaires hockey and now for the Kangaroos. They are also season ticket holders at Theatre Northwest in Prince George, but would prefer to stay home for their live theatre fixes. Paull was also a founding member of the Quesnel Theatre Action Group. “Under my leadership, the Multi Centre will be higher priority than before. We have just two years left in our five-year window from the ‘08 referendum. Let’s get moving!”

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Ron Paull Mayoral Campaign off to a colourful start


Judging from the volume of campaign signs covering the slope leading up to Quesnel's Gold Pan City welcome sign at the junction of Hwy 97 N and the Barkerville Hwy mayoral candidate Ron Paull is red hot and full of imaginative slogans.

It's a welcome sight to see such enthusiasm and excitement happening already in these early days of the campaign. Good clean campaigning with positive messages appears to be part of Ron's down home style of leadership.

Whether Paull wins or not he's out there having fun and getting his message across to the people. There seems to be a good amount of humour involved too, something that's been sorely lacking at City Hall for some time now.

Bravo Ron! You're off to a good start.

Let's see if Mary and Ron C. top this one.

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