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Reid Street in downtown Quesnel was a virtual photographers dream come true this October 31st. Parents came from everywhere with their children and older kids and adults thronged the streets wearing their Halloween finest. The mood was festive and the shops and their staff were also enjoying the special occasion and handing out treats to all the little ghosties and ghoulies and comic book heroes. Enjoy!

Quesnel Municipal Elections 2014: All Candidates Forum at Royal Canadian Legion October 28 by Arthur Topham


Arthur Topham

Editor & Publisher, QuesnelCaribooSentinel.com


QUESNEL, B.C.:- The 2014 Quesnel Municipal Elections got off to a great start this year with the first All Candidates Public Forum held at the Royal Canadian Legion on Tuesday evening, October 28th.

By 7 p.m. the hall was full to capacity and commencing with a few brief introductory remarks from Quesnel District Chamber of Commerce President Graham Armstrong the business of moderating the evening's performance was turned over to Simon Turner of the Quesnel Rotary Club.

Simon, as per usual at Legion events, called upon the audience to rise up on their feet and then initiated a few moments of silent meditation and prayer followed by a rousing chorus of "Oh Canada". Then he proceeded to enlighten the audience on the organizational format that was to be followed throughout the evening.

Keeping with recent precedents set over the past few years the public attending the forum were told that if they had questions for the candidates that they would have to submit them via writing. The questions would then be picked out of whatever candidate's box they were placed in and hopefully they would get an answer to their query.

Just how truly fair such a process is remains controversial as it basically nullifies a longstanding tradition in Western democracies wherein citizens who've taken the time to attend a forum find themselves no longer able to exercise their freedom to walk up to an open microphone and direct their concerns to whomever of the candidates that they wish to get a reply from. It also, unfortunately, opens the door for potentially partisan decisions on the part of those choosing the questions thus creating the possibility of adversely affecting the resulting dialogue.

Simon then explained to the audience how the little Christmas lights – green, yellow and red – (inserted into a small black wooden box and set up on a table in front of the long row of hopeful candidates) would light up and be used to signal the speakers so they didn't go over their allotted 3 minute time period for either presenting their views and platform or their reply to whatever question that might be asked of them. If, for whatever reason, they were to get too immersed in their  own oratory and failed to follow the sequence of coloured prompters then the person holding the stop watch would ring a warning bell and cut short any further excess of verbiage on the part of the would-be politician.

The audience, having understood how the game was to be played, were thus prepared and Simon called upon the two mayoral candidates to come up and present their opening remarks. The order of speaking was to be alphabetical and so Bob Simpson, the new challenger for the position of Mayor of Quesnel, was the first person up to the podium.

Simpson  gave a dynamic, positive and forward-looking speech to the audience outlining his reasons for why he felt he would be the best person to lead a council and the city over the next four year civic mandate. Bringing a love of the area and a wealth of ideas gained over his previous years of experience as Cariboo North's MLA, first as a Cabinet Minister for the NDP government and then as a sitting Independent, Simpson was able to confidently announce to the listening audience clearly reasoned perspectives and proactively viable solutions to the current issues relating to Quesnel's infrastructure and governance as well as outlining some of the more serious pending challenges facing the city due to the provinces changing economic landscape.

Time for Quesnel to Honour its Heritage

The Cariboo was blessed to have it's own homegrown artist Mr. Barrie Jason Curtis who devoted many years of his life to embellishing the region with countless artistic treasures  that have given the area its unique sense of historic perspective. But all of Mr. Curtis's work has not been preseverved and cared for as it ought to have been.

The mural shown in the above photo was painted by Jason Curtis back in 1984 when the city of Quesnel had embarked on a mural project designed to highlight the Cariboo Gold Rush theme that the city is known for.

Mr. Curtis painted a number of large murals that were located in various locations both in West Quesnel as well as in the downtown area of Quesnel proper.

For whatever reason the city never followed through on the upkeep of these murals many of which were beautifully done and conveyed a realistic historic sense of the area with scenes from the early days.

Thirty years later only three of Curtis's murals are still hanging on buildings in town. One is on the old Sparting Printing and Advertising building in West Quesnel just off the Moffat Bridge on the right. It showns a scene of one of the old sternwheelers that used to travel from Soda Creek up to Quesnel during the gold rush period. It is in need of referbishing.

The one in the worst condition (see above) adorns the north wall of the Bank of Nova Scotia on the corner of Reid Street across from Willis-Harper Home Hardware store and is becoming more of an eye-sore than a source of pride for the city. 

This close up of the lower right hand corner of the mural is a good example of the type of disrespect that the city is showing for the mural and it begs the question as to why such neglect has been allowed to carry on for so long. Is it the responsibility of the Bank of Nova Scotia to look after the maintenance of the mural? If it is then why hasn't the city approached the bank and asked them to look into having the mural repainted?

Surely the Bank of Nova Scotia has the funds to fix this deplorable situation. If for nothing else other than making their own business look good. As it now stands it certainly isn't adding to anyone's appreciation of either the mural or the banks exterior look.

Jason Curtis's artwork has been the mainstay of Cariboo Gold Rush theme from the start. His famous and well-loved childrens coloring book called The Cariboo Goldrush Coloring Book plus his many paintings and signs and even Quesnel's logo itself including the gigantic sign at the junction of Hwy. 97 and the Barkerville Hwy all have added that very special flavour to local area. 


On top of all of those initiatives Jason Curtis's artwork and ideas are what gave the whole Billy Barker Days theme its lifeblood.

All of this legacy has been poorly handled by the city of Quesnel and the city's attitude is best reflected in the fact that it let all of the mural project go to wrack and ruin with the odd exception here and there.

Not something to be proud of given that Mr. Curtis was a local resident born in Barkerville back in 1933 and a man who gave his heart and soul to helping make the Cariboo a place of beauty.

Quesnel Lions Club seeking local visionaries for proposed community projects

Quesnel Lions Media Release       

March 5, 2012
Roar!  Lions Want Your Opinion!

The Quesnel Lions Club is calling all those who have a vision for Quesnel's future to come forward and offer their thoughts.
The club is looking for a new initiative to support.  It wants people's ideas on what is that special community challenge that needs to be addressed.  Be it a social, recreational, environmental or other need, the Lions club wants to put their efforts toward a large project which will help Quesnel grow.
Lion's President Orville Mulligan explains: "We would like to help Quesnel in a large way.  We have developed a questionnaire and are now circulating it around the town.  From the results, we will figure out where to put our efforts."  While continuing to help in its traditional ways, the club feels it is in a position to take on a major challenge.
During March, Lions members are distributing questionnaires as well as conducting interviews to find out what the people of Quesnel feel deserves concerted action.
Besides the hard copy questionnaire, the community can respond by clipping out a response form in the Observer and dropping it off at KMAX at 246 St. Laurent.
They can also email one of our committee members, Mitch Vik at mitchellsvik@telus.net to receive the full questionnaire.
Finally, for those that want a free cup of coffee, Lions would love to sit down for an extended chat.  Call 250 992 8343 to set up a time.  In April, the club will then decide on a project and start fundraising efforts.
Milligan concludes, "It's an opportunity for people to put forward their own positive ideas and be heard!"
For more information, call Nate Bello at (250) 992-3650 or Mitch Vik at (250) 992-8343.

Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic Moves to Front Street

Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic is happy to announce that they have relocated their services to a new location at 691 Front Street in the former building where Gook Surveying once resided.
Erika Lynd of Lynds Health Services Inc. wants the public to know that the new Care Clinic is situated just north of the GR Baker Hospital and the Fraserview Medical building. 
Quesnel is fortunate to have these services available and the Sentinel wishes them all the best.
Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic

691 Front Street

Our fully licensed and certified health care practitioners offer a variety of natural health care services.



Lynds Health Services Inc.   250-992-3603
Erika M. Lynds RMT CBS
Registered Massage Therapist * - Deep tissue massage therapy
                                                     - Preferred practice in sports & orthopedics
Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist           - Stress testing & adaptation retraining
                                                                             - Nutritional consulting
                                                                             - Wellness & life-style consulting
Whole Body Health Therapeutic Massage     250-991-0047
Lori Loeppky RMT

Registered Massage Therapist * - Deep tissue massage therapy
                                                     - General practice - Physical rehabilitation of injuries - Chronic pain management
Qi Flow Traditional Chinese Medicine Inc.  1-877-614-6585
Dr. Jody Brandolini  Dr.TCM R.Ac. 
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine * - Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis
Registered Acupuncturist * - Needle stimulation of specific points on the body to affect the body's energy or Qi.
                                             - Treatment of infectious diseases, medical/surgical  conditions, skin diseases, gynecology, ENT: eyes, ears, nose and throat, neurological conditions, sports injuries
Kokopelli Consulting           250-983-2585
Paige Sadler MA CCC

Certified Clinical Counselor * - Solution Focused Counselling; providing creative solutions to life challenges
                                                  - Serving families, individuals, adults and children's needs
Tranquility Wellness Ltd.
Krista Dunleavey CBS
Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist   - Stress testing & adaptation retraining
                                                                      - Wellness & life-style consulting
                                                                      -  Mobile/on site & animal services
Ether Ore            250-991-0143
Leigh Cassidy OB, PSYCH-K

Ortho-Bionomy - Bodywork that promotes well-being, comfort and balance
PSYCH-K - Helps to change limiting beliefs to address day-to-day challenges
* These services may be covered by insurers & extended health plans.  

B.C. Supreme Court decision highlights Sangha family's "greed and virulent animosity"

B.C. Supreme Court decision highlights Sangha family's "greed and virulent animosity"
The Tower Inn in Quesnel is at the centre of an extremely vicious family fight.
[Editor's Note: While this story is relatively late in being published the QC Sentinel only heard about it recently. One supposes that it might have been covered by Black Press but for some reason it passed below their radar screen as well. Because the story is a Quesnel one I have decided to reprint it for local readers.]
By Charlie Smith,
October 7, 2011

A B.C. Supreme Court ruling suggests that in the case of a Quesnel family, blood isn't always thicker than water.
After what can only be described as a monumental family feud, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Marion Allan ruled that Gurdial Singh Sangha was "oppressed as a shareholder and director of both Reliance and Alberta Co." by his father, Kharak Singh Sangha, brothers Dalbir Singh Sangha and Kewal Singh Sangha, and brother-in-law Baldev Johal.

Quesnel, RCMP, Corruption: The Lonnie Landrud Story

Quesnel, RCMP, Corruption: The Lonnie Landrud Story

by Arthur Topham
Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel
December 16, 2011
Corruption, particularly corruption within police forces, be they city police or Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is not a new phenomenon. Neither is corruption within Canada's judiciary system be it at the provincial or federal levels. Most people realize this who have ever had dealings with either of these two branches of government.
And coupled with corruption of course is the vital need for cover-up, be it by those working within the various spheres of deviant behaviour, such as the police themselves or the court system or, failing that, analagous channels normally (or once normally) understood to be sources of unbiased news and information. Here I refer to the mainstream media (msm) whose job it traditionally was to investigate criminal activities of all types and expose it for the greater good of society.
In British Columbia over the past number of years the RCMP have done a bang up job of heaping ignominy and shame upon their once highly regarded repuatation within policing agencies around the world. It's not my intent though in this article to go into the numerous cases which illustrate this fact but rather to focus on one particular, highly contentious example that up to this point has failed to recieve the press and the attention that I believe it is due. I am referring to the startling and almost unbelievable experience of Mr. Lonnie Lundrud which is now being presented by the QC Sentinel for readers viewing and consideration.
What was most amazing for me when I first viewed this short 7-Part series was the fact that the story had occurred right in my own backyard so to speak and still I hadn't become aware of it until close to 5 years later after the video interview with Mr. Landrud was first put up on YouTube. On top of that I had been in the publishing business myself for about an additional 5 more years prior to the recording of the events. Strange indeed.
Stranger still, when I began to check into some of the bizarre occurrences, was the fact that I once had dealings with one of the murdered RCMP officers, Bev Hosker, who back in 1997 was involved in aspects of my personal life while I was still a school teacher for the Quesnel School District #28. Those events are recorded within the archives of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer's letters section.
The question arose in my mind when I was watching the videos just why so few people had actually viewed them over the past five years. Given their content plus the fact that the RCMP have been in the news for years now thanks to their illegal and increasingly abberent behaviour toward the public, I found it mindboggling that on average less than two thousand views of the full seven parts had taken place over this period of time.
Having investigated similar stories of corruption in the past I felt that this story needed some added impetus to bring it further out of the shadows and into the clear light of public awareness. It's definitely not a Christmas story and I apologize to those who might feel that the timing is inappropriate. But, should truth prevail and this issue be finally resolved it just could be concievably a gift to those adversely affected by it for so long now.
A note to readers regarding the images in this article. They are just screen shots of the YouTubes. To watch the actual videos please click on the highlighted url above each of the images. As well if you feel this story should be available to more people please send it to your friends and associates.
Feedback on this is always welcome. Please address your comments to editor@quesnelcariboosentinel.com

Candidates should take lie-detector tests


Candidates should take lie-detector tests

VOTERS BEWARE: Lots of people shouldn't be running for office

By Jon Ferry, The Province November 14, 2011


Given all the untruths voiced at election time, should candidates for political office be forced to undergo lie-detector tests?

Well, it would certainly weed out the more sly and manipulative people in this current municipal campaign.

But I fear so many contestants would be eliminated that the election might become a case of the last person standing wins.

Lying (as in "I did not have sexual relations with that woman") or overpromising (as in "I promise to end homelessness by 2015") is as common among campaigning politicians as predicting doom and gloom is among climate scientists.

Salvation Army Thrift Store: Something for Everyone!

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Don't miss "Toonie" Mondays or the last Friday of each month when their regular 5$ and 10$ bag sale happens.

Quesnel's "Sally Ann" store is located directly across the street from Shopper's Drug Mart at 246 St. Laurent Ave.

Jo-ann, Angela and Addi and their friendly staff are always there to help and humour you.

Ron Paull Mayoral Campaign off to a colourful start

Judging from the volume of campaign signs covering the slope leading up to Quesnel's Gold Pan City welcome sign at the junction of Hwy 97 N and the Barkerville Hwy mayoral candidate Ron Paull is red hot and full of imaginative slogans.

It's a welcome sight to see such enthusiasm and excitement happening already in these early days of the campaign. Good clean campaigning with positive messages appears to be part of Ron's down home style of leadership.

Whether Paull wins or not he's out there having fun and getting his message across to the people. There seems to be a good amount of humour involved too, something that's been sorely lacking at City Hall for some time now.

Bravo Ron! You're off to a good start.

Let's see if Mary and Ron C. top this one.


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