The Salvation Army is Calling on YOU to Fill the Kettle

The Salvation Army is Calling on YOU to Fill the Kettle

With Christmas only days away, The Salvation Army is calling on Canadians to help fill kettles on street corners, store fronts and online as fundraising is still $6 million short of the $19 million goal. To date, The Salvation Army has collected $13 million in the nearly 2,000 kettles across the country. Kettles will continue accepting donations through Christmas Eve.

Donors can give to The Salvation Army in a variety of different ways this Christmas season.

• Supporters can give online at www.FilltheKettle.com. Using Google Maps technology, donors can find and give to a specific local kettle. All money raised stays in the community in which it was donated to support programs for people in need.

• Donors also have the option to host their own personal iKettle at www.FilltheKettle.com/iKettle. This easy-to-use online tool allows supporters to become virtual bell-ringers for The Salvation Army, collecting needed funds for the local community.

• And, of course, we always encourage giving at our physical kettle locations on street corners and retail centres across the country.

The Salvation Army recognizes that times are tough, but we know that we can count on Canadians to dig deep this year and help us achieve our goal. Demand for Salvation Army programs and service continues to surpass our available resources. Your support helps us provide a sense of hope and dignity for all Canadians.

Visit www.SalvationArmy.ca to learn more about how you can help this Christmas season. God bless you!

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