Positive Action To Save The Planet: PACT

by Robin Mathews
January 27, 2012

Don’t talk.  Act.  Don’t turn away … to other things.  We all – or most of us – do that.  We won’t look painful truth in the face.  We … can’t. We turn away … almost forced to do so by our fears.
But, now, we have no choice.  Global heating is upon us, and will erase human life from the planet – which will go on whirling through space without us. Good science states that as fact. The subject, here, is the imminent destruction of human life on the planet.
Paleontologists are looking at dinosaur footprints from 120 million years ago.  Humankind has been significant on the planet for (generously) 20,000 years.  In that 20,000 years humankind has raced forward … towards destruction.  As poetic theorists put it humankind has the moral development of just-beyond-apes and the scientific development of a superpeople.  A murderous combination.
We just-beyond-ape people want a pecking order, want a power hierarchy ... perhaps need it. That doesn’t have to be wrong, if it’s balanced and restrained. But some are driven by greed, animosity, lust, fear, desire to dominate.  They often succeed in dominating. And then they work to undermine law, convention, justice, and fairness. But not all are like that. When the ones driven by greed, animosity, lust, fear, and a desire to dominate reach the power apex, they go mad – as is the case now - insane.  Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Absolute corruption loses all moral base.
We others have to be driven hard and long before being brought to resist in a way that changes the dominating reality.
But now we have no choice.  For global heating is upon us, and will erase human life from the planet – which will go whirling through space without us. So we must act now.  People who have never been activists must become activists.  Activists must lead the way.  Words are not enough.
Deep down we all know that.  Those who dominate - those who are mad - know that, too. They are the 1%.  They know….
They know they should move in global cooperation to cut carbon emissions – even if it means cutting so-called “standard of living” in all the developed world, at least. But they don’t care.  They are like the top officers of the Titanic dancing on the afterdeck with the wealthy passengers.  Except OUR top officers have been fully informed the ship is heading at full speed directly for the iceberg.
The 1% urge on the madness of others, like the madness of Stephen Harper, servant of the 1%, for instance, who is ravaging the tar sands geography, is fighting to build insane pipelines which will speed up the destruction of the planet. Polluting massively.
At the same time, Stephen Harper and his coterie deliberately undermine law, convention, justice, and fairness.  To subvert democracy in Canada, Stephen Harper and members of his cabinet carefully form statements about the economy, the environment, foreign relations, and policy intentions that are (primarily) falsehoods – as do his major media supporters in the Mainstream Press and Media.
[A few, very recent examples: (1) cabinet minister Bev Oda, interviewed on CBC, Jan 25/12 spoke about the beneficial “partnering” of Mining Corporation Human Rights violators with CIDA/CIDA personnel. Beneficial? Another lie from Bev Oda? (2)  See Vanc. Sun’s Harvey Enchin’s large article on the Tar Sands/Bitumen carrying tankers/Gateway Pipeline, Jan 21/12/ p.C5. It is mostly ‘disinformation’ and half-lies, on behalf of the 1%. (3) What are, in fact, lies are issued publicly by environment minister Peter Kent on the Kyota Protocol, reported by Eliz May, National Post, Jan 26/12.  His statements are “designed to create a false impression”. We call statements designed to create a false impression “lies”.
(4) On Stephen Harper’s fraudulent position on Tar Sands and Pipelines:  “Our political leaders are lying to us if they aid and abet the expansion of tarsands while promising to take action to prevent the imminent climate catastrophe.”  That’s Mark Jaccard saying – as I read him – that Stephen Harper is deliberately lying. Of the single issue fight, against the pipeline only: “… it’s like trying to prevent a fuel leak on the Titanic as it steams towards the iceberg.  We need to turn the ship.”  Mark Jaccard, Vancouver Sun, A13, Jan 26/12]
The Stephen Harper cabinet works to lie and deceive, continuously, as cabinet policy, about the most important issues facing Canada and the world. The lying has to be met head on – with action. Now. Words are not enough.
The 1% know the Air Forces of the world should probably be flying dawn-to-dusk over the Fukashima nuclear plants pouring out liquid concrete in a perimeter that grows into a concrete mountain.  Instead they lie … and go on lying.  Nuclear damage blows around the globe.  Federal governments like the Stephen Harper government will report nothing, will measure as little as possible. Nuclear damage from Fukashima is at the edge of threatening ocean life.  The madmen don’t care.  The Japanese madmen lie to their own people, do nothing. The Western media remains almost silent… as destruction of all life on the planet proceeds.
We know all about Iran, because we lived through the Iraq War (though tens of thousands of Iraq people didn’t).  Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the madmen claimed.  But the investigators on the ground wouldn’t lie – Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.  The U.S. (with its satellite madmen of “the willing”) invaded anyway, destroying ancient marvels, wrecking a modern state, killing tens of thousands, creating social chaos. Increasing the danger to life on the planet.
For oil.  For power.  For dominance.
We know that.
Iran, we are told, is pushing for nuclear weapons.  The U.S. has nuclear weapons and threatens Iran.  Israel has illicit nuclear weapons and threatens Iran.  Israel violates international law and enters Iran to assassinate Iranians.
For a while the investigators in Iran held out.  Iran was not developing nuclear weapons. But the investigators weakened. Now the International Atomic Energy Agency is saying maybe there is a chance that perhaps Iran wants nuclear weapons.  It speaks enough half-lies to satisfy “the Western Powers”. With two nuclear enemies like the U.S. and Israel, why shouldn’t Iran want nuclear weapons?
But that isn’t the point ….
The U.S. wants the chance to erase the Iranian government, to decimate the Iranian people, and to seize Iranian oil and territory… as it has done in Iraq. The people who dominate the U.S.A. and Israel are mad … insane.  A war with Iran will hasten the destruction of human life on the planet. The subject here is the imminent destruction of human life on the planet. The 1% don’t care.
The U.S. has spread nuclear waste ammunition (so-called ‘depleted uranium’) across nations, the Balkan states, through the Near East, creating (on-going) monstrous births, cancers, deaths … and doesn’t care.

In Canada, in British Columbia, in Vancouver, an octogenarian speaks out.  Rafe Mair, former member of the B.C. legislature, former Talk Show host speaks out. Looking down from the mountain-top of age he sees in the valley –  madness. Tanker traffic from the insane, polluting Tar Sands, from the insane proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline will ravage the Pacific Coast.  Not “might ravage”, will ravage ... urging forward destruction of human life on the planet.
Rafe Mair says British Columbians must be ready to practice “civil disobedience” to stop the madness in their province.  He has said it more than once.  He is right.  But the language is wrong.  “Civil Disobedience” sounds like breaking the law.  “Disobedience” to what? – to the insane people, the 1%, to the Stephen Harper maniacs prostrating themselves before the 1%? And lying to Canadians.
To fight for the survival of human life on the planet is to answer a Greater Law. It is not to engage in some kind of “disobedience”.
The response to the madness must be Positive Action to Save the Planet – PACT.  Become a member.  No cost.  No record.  No membership list. An invisible membership. [In French: Actions Positives Pour Sauvegarder La Planete - ACPOS (my machine has no French “accent grave”: sorry)]  You become a member by wanting to.  You organize by wanting to. You collaborate to be effective. Your membership is invisible.  “By their deeds ye shall know them.” Act.
And what does PACT/ACPOS do around the world? It takes “positive action to save human life on the planet”.  In groups of thousands on down to twos and threes. Or in ones.  Occupy public squares and parks? Yes.  And, better, ‘intervene positively’ to affect trade and commerce, to stop the 1%: to change policy.  Act to change the lies and fraud used by the 1% to destroy human life on the planet.  Meet that policy head on – with activism, with action.  Words are not enough.  Act.
Trains have to be stalled in rail yards, freighters and cruise vessels in ports, transport trucks in their garages. Rafe Mair must have thousands with him when he stands “in the way of the first shovel” to stop the Gateway Pipeline from beginning.
If governments - and the 1% they truckle to - don’t make dramatic changes in policy, then no action to wound the obscene profits of the 1% will be too extreme.  Because we are talking about the destruction of human life on the planet.
Activists must be imaginative.  Occupy Stock Exchanges. Shut them down – in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, New York, London, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, Tokyo … everywhere.  Do those things before others, growing desperate, do more, much more.
Appear before, present delegations to, occupy village, town, city, province, national council chambers, legislative assemblies, parliaments, congresses, national assemblies – whatever they are called.  To change policy.  Before others, growing desperate, do much, much more.
Expose Political Opposition Parties which – so far – are the pitiable time-servers of insane masters.  At the present they do not Oppose. They collaborate. They will join PACT or they will be by-passed by history.
Talk to the police and the soldiers.  They are the instruments of oppression for the 1%.  Police and soldiers are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends … like the rest of us.  They must be talked to about the survival of human life on the planet and the 1% - talked to by their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends. All this is about the imminent destruction of human life on the planet.
Get the police and the soldiers to change, to leave the 1% and join Positive Action To Save The Planet: PACT. No fee, no record, no membership list, an invisible membership.
Then the Titanic will be turned away from the iceberg. Then real Parliaments will take steps to save the planet.  Then elected representatives will represent.  Then the Harper lies, the lies of the 1% will be stopped – will be forced to stop.
Act in groups of thousands, all the way down to twos and threes.  Act alone. Act to change policy. Now. Words are not enough.
Act. Act now, because not to act is to guarantee the end of human life on the planet.