Reflections of an Old Dog by Nonny


Editor's Note: Reflections of an Old Dog by Nonny was a regular column in the The Radical when it was being printed in hard copy from 1998 to 2002. I hadn't heard from Nonny for quite a number of years until just recently when he sent me the following column. I guess the condition of the world has got to him again and he had to share his reflections during these challenging times. I hope you'll enjoy his article. He appears to be just as sharp as ever.


Reflections of an Old Dog



Hi, my friend;

I bet you were thinking that I kicked the bucket, but I assure you I am still kicking in this world. Much grayer, mind you but still here, and full of worry at what is happening all around us!That’s really why I’m writing you. Are any of the old types that used to print my stories still around? Because if they are, I want to tell them what I think is happening, and what we need to watch out for.

So I see several things that are putting us and all our relatives in danger. Let me just list the main ones I can think of.Looking up at the sky, I see all these so called chem trails. I’ve been watching the skies all my life, and these things weren’t around when I was young. Mind they’ve been around for some 15, 20 years now. I didn’t pay them any attention first, thinking they were just contrails. But then I began to notice how they spread out and never disappeared, and turned into clouds that stayed put. And I figured that’s not normal, and it ain’t right.

And when I looked into it a bit, I saw it really wasn’t right.

What do people think will happen if you pump chemicals in the air 24/7/365 for ever! One sure thing is they won’t stay up in the skies hanging by sky hooks! They’ll fall to the ground. And some of those nano sized chemicals apparently ( I asked a chemist abut this) dry out vegetation. And they change the Ph of the soils. And waters. Like for example that nano sized aluminum is alkaline. Did you notice the lakes taste sort of salty nowadays? That’s alkaline.

Now if they dry out vegetation like trees, you’d suppose these trees would be more likely to burn faster. So how about all those catastrophic forest fires in many places around the world? Did the trees dry out because of the aluminum sprayed on them? And of course who knows what all is in them chem trails, besides. Is the air the new ocean, where we used to dump garbage till people noticed that we have a problem with dead zones, and plastic. So are they now sending garbage like fly ash up in the air? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it!

But that’s not all that’s come down on us since I last wrote you. This wireless everywhere is making me dizzy. I can’t visit with my friends in town anymore without feeling sort of ill. Being an outdoor guy I feel it when things aren’t right. And they aren’t. I think we’re really killing much of the life around us, but we blame all sorts of other things, like climate change, and now this covid 19. And folks are trying to say CO2 is to blame. Well if we eliminate that, we’re signing our death warrant, because green plants from grasses to trees need it to live, and they in return make oxygen that keeps us alive. I’m noticing that some trees are greener and happy because they have more nutrition. Of course in some areas we have clearcut so much the ground dries out and you get pine where before you had fir, or even cedar.

So frankly I am most worried about this continuous increase in the wireless, smart meters on every house these days, cell towers on schools and hospitals, and now proposing 5G to be on every second telephone pole, if not every one! Our brain and out heart run on our own weak sort of electricity that comes from the earth, so how is this much stronger stuff not going to overwhelm our system? It will. And it already is!

What is especially immoral -- and I don’t use that word often -- is that this is sold as a convenience, but in reality it’s all for the billions in profits for the industry. And the CEO’s and big shareholders don’t care how much suffering they cause. I often wonder what they’ll do when they’ve killed life on this planet. Will they fly to another one? If they have some such place in mind, I wish they’d go there right now, and leave the rest of us in peace here. It’s such a beautiful place if you don’t live in a big city hi-rise condo and can actually see it!

Maybe that’s the real problem: people in mega cities have never been out in the bush overnight, watching the stars without the haze of urban pollution. It would overwhelm even the most entrenched -- what to call them? Unnatural human? Well that is apparently in the works too: installing robots into humans. Can’t remember what it’s called, maybe the word is trans-humanism. Not sure. Wonder if those creatures will be able to feel love? What other reason for living is there?

Well, my friend, so here we are. Psychopaths fiddling with life on earth. And no one seems to be upset. That’s what really worries me. People think everything is just jim dandy. Am I just too old not seeing reality? Well if this is the reality there’s no hope for our grandkids, not to mention the 7th generation!

Of course there may have been glimmers of clarity starting among some folks. Maybe even seeds of a revolution to stop this march to extinction? So presto, we have another distraction to take our attention from the prophets of greed: Covid 19! This dreadful contagion that is so contagious and deadly we couldn’t even visit a provincial park, has killed 200 people in this Province of four and a half million! Imagine that: all of 0.00004% of the total population! Well cancer will claim 2 million (50%) of them, but that’s not a pandemic. We most certainly don’t seem to worry about it, or heart disease or Alzheimers.

But golly, this pandemic has already killed 200 British Columbians! Put on your face mask, and choke to death. Your death certificate will probably read as “cause of death: covid 19”. And it will be.

I think we need to set our vision straight. For Life to survive on this earth you can’t have some super rich, all powerful, crazy elite in some far away place that rules the earth by decree and a lot of obedient enforcers spread around the world. I don’t want to be such a serf, my grandpa’s people lived here for millennia as true humans, and they made decisions at local council fires, where everyone had a voice, even the voiceless had a speaker for them.

I would maintain that you cannot have a truly civilized society unless you have that sort of set up. Even the Greek democracy was eyeball to eyeball. Of course it was men only. I think we need women’s voices. We also need old people with their life’s experience, and we need the voice of the young, because it will be their world to live in!

But the real question is: how do we get to that sort of system from the mess we have now? That is the real hard, key question. I don’t say I have the answer, so let me just meander around a bit. Sort of like think out loud.

I believe that if people realized what is really going on, and what is at stake, they’d reject this techno rule right off the bat. And so the mainstream media are the first problem. Sounds like someone is writing the script for them,and they just read it on the teleprompter. Very likely their jobs are on the line if they don’t. And the pay is good and they need it to feed their family. Sound familiar?

So one needs to somehow by pass the MSM as they are called. Of course if we get to the same situation they had in Soviet Russia, where you could get arrested for spreading real truth, and sent to some gulag, then we have to switch to the same system they developed in Russia. You type (get that old Smith Corona from the attic) your articles, and get out that old gestettner (for the younger readers, that was a manual copying machine), make copies and pass them around in secret. I sure hope it doesn’t get to that here! But it might when the Great Rulers discover that the so called “Conspiracy theories” are the truth and believed by more people than those lies spread by the the MSM! For now I don’t mind being called a conspiracy theorist! At least as long as I still have freedom of speech!

I have faith in the basic human sense of self preservation. When many people realize that they’re being had, that their kids’ future is being stolen, I feel they will rebel. First the profit from AI and all the radiating devices will tank when no one will buy them. The communications network will crash a few times, and soon someone will discover a system that is based on something else than electromagnetic radiation. I was told that the next system might be based on light. I don’t know how, but maybe like lasers. Not being a scientist I only work on principles. People are so ingenious. And especially if there are large profits to be made, or their life is in danger. So I hear that in England someone has already figured out how to make your cell phone be a line phone when you’re not on the road. No radiation in the home. And do we really need a wi fi set-up that will close your blinds? Don’t be such a lazy so and so! Get off that couch and close them!

If it’s a choice between cancer or less AI, I bet a sizable % of people will opt for good health! But they have to know the real truth. Right now they are being lulled to sleep by clever advertising and lies. Let’s inform them!

I think the change to sanity is really based on the wide spreading of real true facts. I don’t have the skill the young have to go on line (hopefully wired, not wi fi), and connect with large numbers of people. Sadly the wrong people have that same ability, so it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between clever lies, and truth. Maybe the trick is to teach people how to think clearly. Ask yourself questions like “Does this make sense?” and “Who profits from this?” “How can I check if it’s true?” And do check it!

Everyone needs a good memory or make notes. Did what was promised actually happen? This is especially important with watching governments. They make lots of great promises, but few materialize. What really happened? Who benefited?

I won’t be around that much longer, but I have grand kids, and I’m sure they hope to have grandkids in a free and healthy society with clean water and air that isn’t full of toxic nano particles dropped from thousands of planes daily or radiating them from space.

That’s about all I want to say today. Keep well my friends. May we walk among the stars together one day!