Open Letter to Liberal Candidate for Cariboo North Coralee Oakes

Open Letter to Liberal Candidate for Cariboo North Coralee Oakes


Dear Coralee,


In the event that you are wondering why my Open Letter is only addressed to yourself and not the other candidates who are running in this election I decided to not bother including their names for the simple reason that I consider them to be not amenable to common sense and therefore it would be a waste of time and energy on my part.


That said, I’ll confine my comments and criticisms to what I see contained in your election brochure photo as seen above which I received in my rural mailbox out in Cottonwood. 


The catch phrases for the BC Liberals platform appear to be “Restore Confidence.” and “Rebuild BC.” Both these phrases are reminiscent of U.S. President Donald Trump’s now famous slogan “Make America Great Again” – MAGA for short. This should not be misconstrued as meaning anything negative with respect to that idea or concept of restoring confidence in a nation’s or province’s self-image as I agree with the idea in principle. 


So, given what you are proposing to do should your party be elected to office (which, hopefully, would be a majority government rather than a coalition) I have some suggestions to offer you which might help the BC Liberals and yourself get re-elected.


As I have stated on social media (Facebook) more than once since the writ was dropped, our province and our country and the rest of the global community of sovereign nations are now in the midst of what might be described as THE GREATEST CRISIS that the civilized world has EVER faced in terms of its survival. In stating that I’m stretching the timeline back to recorded history.  The only relatively recent crisis of similar import might be the one which the English colonies faced back in the late 18th Century just prior to and during the American War of Independence in 1776. 


Of course the crisis that I refer to is the globally induced Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ which has effected the whole world in countless ways, all of which I believe have been negative and counter-productive to maintaining peaceful relations among nation-states and all the various other lesser levels of government within that context which would include the socio-economic parameters which have always governed our inter-relationships between the political, the economic and the social realms of societies in general.


This global crisis is NOT the result of an impending danger to life on the planet and definitely doesn’t come close to other more serious issues which DO threaten us; issues such as pollution, cancer, poverty and the always and ever-present threat of nuclear war that looms over the planet. No, this clear and present danger to the world is the result of a small group of mega-financiers and robber barons who, because of their financial and corporate power and influence and their control of the Mainstream Media, have taken it upon themselves to unilaterally change the world’s socio-political goal posts to suit their own heinous agenda for the creation of a ONE WORLD GLOBAL GOVERNMENT UNDER THEIR ABSOLUTE CONTROL euphemistically referred to on Social Media as the “NEW WORLD ORDER” (NWO).


To underrate this present threat to civilization as a whole and to attempt to ignore its enormity in terms of its proposed effects upon humanity in general during the upcoming BC election is tantamount to betrayal of a political party’s principles and its responsibility to the people of the province. It’s for this reason and this reason alone that I am writing this Open Letter to you Coralee. 


Having read your comments in the Cariboo Observer regarding the Covid matter where you talk about a pending “2nd wave” it appears that you and your party are going along with this gigantic scam rather than treating it for what it really is – a deliberate HOAX.


As the famed playwright William Shakespeare once said, “There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their lives are bound in shallows and in miseries.” That quote, I believe, succinctly summarizes what’s now going on world-wide and therefore illustrates the urgency of governments at all levels to come to their senses and instead of falling for this massive LIE and going along with riding the deceptive “2nd wave”, should be challenging the whole notion of what the mainstream media and the giant pharmaceutical and vaccine companies are attempting to do so that our former way of life is protected and preserved not only for us but for ALL future generations. 


If you fail to do this Coralee then you are basically condemning the people of North Cariboo to lives that will be literally “bound in shallows and in miseries” as our freedoms and independence disappear into a chaotic world of lockdowns, forced vaccines, digital currencies only and the complete loss of our democratic ideals that once guided civilization toward a world of peace, harmony, health and prosperity. 




Arthur Topham

Concerned Citizen & Voter


Province of B.C.