Arthur Topham charged with hate crime


Arthur Topham charged with hate crime
By Autumn MacDonald - Quesnel Cariboo Observer
November 23, 2012

After waiting five months, Arthur Topham has now been officially charged with willful promotion of hatred.

RCMP searched and seized property of the Quesnel resident in late May of this year, after it was determined there were “reasonable grounds the offence of promotion of hatred was committed.”

Crown officially moved forward on the charge earlier this month.

Since then Topham has had to comply with certain conditions, including restricted Internet access and is prohibited from maintaining his websites (including the Radical Press domain.)

Crown continues to request the courts permission on further restrictions.

Topham, who adamantly denies the charge, says he’s hopeful having his day in court will raise awareness surrounding free speech and the definition of “hate crimes.”


“This is not to say that I have full confidence in Canada’s judicial system but it will hopefully give me an opportunity to present the facts and the truth before a judge and jury of my peers; something that would never have happened if the case had been decided by a tribunal,” he said.

“In that regard, therefore, I welcome the opportunity to challenge these Draconian “hate” laws that have been set up to protect vested interests here in Canada.”

Topham says ever since he was charged with a hate crime in 2007 he’s been forced to battle with the Canadian Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Back in 2008 the Quesnel Cariboo Observer published a story in which Topham had received a complaint from the Canadian Human Rights Commission stating he was promoting hatred towards Jews and citizens of Israel.

Topham maintains a site, with the tagline “Digging to the root of the issues since 1998.”

Currently Topham is permitted to continue posting to his site; Crown is seeking to prohibit posting.

“Of course my immediate concern is that the crown wants to assume that I have already been found guilty and therefore shouldn’t be allowed to write or post on my website in
order to defend myself against these spurious charges,” Topham said.

“Given how the msm is smearing me already I feel it would be highly unfair to take away my charter rights prior to this case being heard in a court of law.”

Topham’s next court appearance is slated for Nov. 27.


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Shuffling with Santa and The Salvation Army


Shuffling with Santa and The Salvation Army

On December 1st, Canadians from 39 cities will hit the ground running, walking or shuffling in the The Salvation Army’s 22nd annual Santa Shuffle.

Funds raised during the 1K or 5K walk or run will help The Salvation Army support the millions of Canadians currently living in poverty. This Christmas, The Salvation Army is emphasizing that every gift can make a big difference in the life of a person in need, and this family-friendly event is a great way to get involved.

We’ll see you at the races!

To register, or for more information, click here.


Click here to watch video


Email us
or visit our website
2 Overlea Blvd,
Toronto, Ontario M4H 1P4
©2012 The Salvation Army. All rights reserved.


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Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Bill Bennett will take part in three events in Quesnel on Tuesday, Nov. 13.


Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Bill Bennett will take part in three events in Quesnel on Tuesday, Nov. 13.
Nov. 12, 2012
Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
QUESNEL – Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Bill Bennett will take part in three events in Quesnel on Tuesday, Nov. 13.
Time: 11:05 a.m.
Bennett will visit a Quesnel Drinking Water Supply project (Production Well #10) to view the recent upgrades funded by a Towns for Tomorrow grant.
3534 Hilborn Rd.
Matt Gordon
Director of Communications
Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
250 896-4923
Matt Wood
Communications Supervisor
City of Quesnel
250 255-1170
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Bennett will tour the College of New Caledonia campus. This tour will focus on the success of the college’s trades program that is providing skills training for the next generation of B.C. workers.
100 Campus Way
Matt Gordon
Director of Communications
Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
250 896-4923
Time: 2:45 p.m.
Bennett will visit the Quesnel Search and Rescue Centre for a funding announcement.
#14 Johnston Bridge Loop

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Revolt against Basi-Virk payoffs was behind van Dongen's jump By John Twigg



The Daily Twigg  Vol.1 No. 33  March 28, 2012

B.C. Politics Trendwatch
In this issue:
1. The moves behind van Dongen's jump
2. New polls add to Premier Clark's woes
3. MLA Bob Simpson views feeding frenzy

Revolt against Basi-Virk payoffs was behind van Dongen's jump

By John Twigg

The sometimes frantic pace of B.C. politics seemed to take a bit of a breather yesterday as if everyone wanted to stand back and digest the earthquake from the day before when longtime B.C. Liberal MLA John van Dongen not only left that party but also instantly became the first sitting member of the upstart B.C. Conservative Party.

While lots of people had known for quite a while that van Dongen (Abbotsford-South) was amongst the most aggrieved Liberal backbenchers on the verge of leaving the Liberals in protest of Premier Christy Clark's evident mismanagement of numerous issues, very few if any other MLAs or any pundits knew he would take a second step into the Conservatives' ranks too. (I saw one suggestion that Independent MLA Vick Huntington knew it was coming, but no others.)

Clark sees Liberals as the only free-enterprise choice

Several versions of what had happened eked and leaked out about exactly what took place, including various versions from van Dongen, Conservative leader John Cummins, blogger Alex Tsakumis and other participants, and there were even more versions about what it all will mean and lead to going forward, and of course there was lots of misleading spin from Clark when she finally faced the media shortly after the noon newscasts yesterday to the effect that in her mind she's determined to keep the B.C. Liberal Party as the only practical way to preserve a free-enterprise coalition that can prevent the New Democratic Party from winning power in the 2013 provincial election (which sounds to me like a line coached into her by strategist Patrick Kinsella).

"The only thing that John van Dongen accomplished yesterday was making it a little easier for the NDP to get elected in British Columbia," Clark said, typically understating the gravity of her situation.

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MLA Van Dongen shakes balance of power in B.C. politics with shocking exit from Liberals to join B.C. Conservatives By John Twigg



MLA Van Dongen shakes balance of power in B.C. politics with shocking exit from Liberals to join B.C. Conservatives

By John Twigg


The lure of "a broadly based, credible free enterprise option in the next provincial election" and the alleged lack of accountability in Premier Christy Clark's B.C. Liberal Party government have caused 17-year Liberal MLA John van Dongen to suddenly join the upstart and until-now seatless B.C. Conservative Party.

"When more and more decisions are being made for the wrong reasons, then you have an organization that is heading for failure," an even-voiced van Dongen told the hushed Legislative Assembly on Monday afternoon in a personal statement right after Question Period, calmly and quietly sending an earthquake through the structures of B.C.'s partisan politics.

Van Dongen explained he has been concerned for more than a year about what he alleged were inconsistencies in what Clark told people about what her own role had been in the B.C. Rail sale when she was running for the party leadership, which she narrowly won one year ago this month, and about other concerns such as the $6-million settlement for Basi and Virk in the BCR scandal as well as certain other issues.

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Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium


Click here to download this pdf poster.


For further information please contact Lisa Bland at


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Detailed look at B.C.'s job trends shows Clark exaggerated claims By John Twigg


The Daily Twigg Vol. 1 No. 29  March 20, 2012

Detailed look at B.C.'s job trends shows Clark exaggerated claims

By John Twigg

Since I sort of "miscued" recently in my critique of Premier Christy Clark's job creation claims (by pulling a wrong stat out of a jumble of numbers) I felt an obligation to dig a bit deeper into the area to see if I could better understand it and then better portray exactly what has been going on in B.C.'s labour force, and what I did find - no surprise - is a situation far less positive than what Clark was claiming.

On one hand that means my quickly-published apology to her was way more abject than it needed to be, and on the other other hand it is all the more concerning because it further confirms that Clark lately has been doing far too much of that sort of exaggerating and dissembling in far too many policy areas, even including the province's financial picture (with the budget's low-balled revenue forecasts) and now with the very important jobs picture too (in which Clark cherry-picked a few sweet statistics rather than revealing the actually-weak overall trends - albeit with a great outlook for years ahead).

To put it all in a bit of context, let's review how Clark on March 13 staged a photo op at Seaspan Marine Shipyards in North Vancouver to release a six-months progress report on her "Canada Starts Here" job creation program "which clearly outlines the steps taken by our government to promote economic investment and job growth in British Columbia" but which nonetheless downplayed the huge role public-sector projects have played in bolstering B.C.'s employment numbers in recent years.

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Quesnel Lions Club seeking local visionaries for proposed community projects

Quesnel Lions Media Release       

March 5, 2012
Roar!  Lions Want Your Opinion!

The Quesnel Lions Club is calling all those who have a vision for Quesnel's future to come forward and offer their thoughts.
The club is looking for a new initiative to support.  It wants people's ideas on what is that special community challenge that needs to be addressed.  Be it a social, recreational, environmental or other need, the Lions club wants to put their efforts toward a large project which will help Quesnel grow.
Lion's President Orville Mulligan explains: "We would like to help Quesnel in a large way.  We have developed a questionnaire and are now circulating it around the town.  From the results, we will figure out where to put our efforts."  While continuing to help in its traditional ways, the club feels it is in a position to take on a major challenge.
During March, Lions members are distributing questionnaires as well as conducting interviews to find out what the people of Quesnel feel deserves concerted action.
Besides the hard copy questionnaire, the community can respond by clipping out a response form in the Observer and dropping it off at KMAX at 246 St. Laurent.
They can also email one of our committee members, Mitch Vik at to receive the full questionnaire.
Finally, for those that want a free cup of coffee, Lions would love to sit down for an extended chat.  Call 250 992 8343 to set up a time.  In April, the club will then decide on a project and start fundraising efforts.
Milligan concludes, "It's an opportunity for people to put forward their own positive ideas and be heard!"
For more information, call Nate Bello at (250) 992-3650 or Mitch Vik at (250) 992-8343.
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BC’s Leadership Vacuum by Bob Simpson, MLA Cariboo North

BC’s Leadership Vacuum

Bob Simpson MLA Cariboo North
I was so tempted to yell, “Let’s get ready to rumble” in the Legislature right before the Minister of Education introduced the “Education Improvement Act” this week.
Since the introduction of the budget, it has felt like both political parties have been waiting for the teachers' bill to be tabled to get their juices going. The energy in the capital building has been low, QP repetitive, and MLAs budget responses have simply rehashed the tired old arguments about why the people of BC shouldn’t trust the other political party.
The Premier doesn’t help this situation. When she does show in the House she uses Question Period to lecture the Opposition on how to be an Opposition. Instead of answering the questions posed to her, she chews up the clock lecturing the Opposition on what questions they should be asking in QP.
One could be forgiven for thinking she’s auditioning for the role of Opposition Leader given the sorry state of her party’s polling numbers and the likelihood that a BC Conservative will take a seat in the Legislature whenever the by-elections are called.
The Leader of the Opposition spends his time ducking and covering behind those same polls – afraid to give anyone a real sense of why he wants to be Premier for fear of undermining his current bump in popularity.
Day after the day the Opposition asks the government to fix the justice system, health care system and senior’s care without once telling British Columbian’s where they’d get the money to do what they’re asking the government to do. They also refuse to state how they would address the current impasse with the teachers or avoid the upcoming battle with the other public sector unions that have indicated they will not accept the government’s net zero bargaining position.
The leadership vacuum in BC has never been so stark.
Unfortunately, I don’t see this vacuum being filled any time soon. The Opposition Leader won’t reveal his hand until a general election is called and the Premier, having abandoned her “families first agenda” in favour of a conservative-appealing budget, is pouring millions of taxpayer dollars into promoting her jobs agenda  -- an agenda that, according to the polls, British Columbian’s are simply not buying.
There’s an old saying that voters get the government they deserve. I suggest the same rule applies to Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.  It’s past time citizens started demanding more leadership and less politics from those who want their votes
Adam Schaan
Constituency Assistant
Bob Simpson MLA Cariboo North
#401-410 Kinchant St.
Quesnel BC V2J 7J5
Tel:  250.991.0296
Fax: 250.991.0281
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Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic Moves to Front Street

Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic is happy to announce that they have relocated their services to a new location at 691 Front Street in the former building where Gook Surveying once resided.
Erika Lynd of Lynds Health Services Inc. wants the public to know that the new Care Clinic is situated just north of the GR Baker Hospital and the Fraserview Medical building. 
Quesnel is fortunate to have these services available and the Sentinel wishes them all the best.
Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic

691 Front Street

Our fully licensed and certified health care practitioners offer a variety of natural health care services.



Lynds Health Services Inc.   250-992-3603
Erika M. Lynds RMT CBS
Registered Massage Therapist * - Deep tissue massage therapy
                                                     - Preferred practice in sports & orthopedics
Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist           - Stress testing & adaptation retraining
                                                                             - Nutritional consulting
                                                                             - Wellness & life-style consulting
Whole Body Health Therapeutic Massage     250-991-0047
Lori Loeppky RMT

Registered Massage Therapist * - Deep tissue massage therapy
                                                     - General practice - Physical rehabilitation of injuries - Chronic pain management
Qi Flow Traditional Chinese Medicine Inc.  1-877-614-6585
Dr. Jody Brandolini  Dr.TCM R.Ac. 
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine * - Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis
Registered Acupuncturist * - Needle stimulation of specific points on the body to affect the body's energy or Qi.
                                             - Treatment of infectious diseases, medical/surgical  conditions, skin diseases, gynecology, ENT: eyes, ears, nose and throat, neurological conditions, sports injuries
Kokopelli Consulting           250-983-2585
Paige Sadler MA CCC

Certified Clinical Counselor * - Solution Focused Counselling; providing creative solutions to life challenges
                                                  - Serving families, individuals, adults and children's needs
Tranquility Wellness Ltd.
Krista Dunleavey CBS
Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist   - Stress testing & adaptation retraining
                                                                      - Wellness & life-style consulting
                                                                      -  Mobile/on site & animal services
Ether Ore            250-991-0143
Leigh Cassidy OB, PSYCH-K

Ortho-Bionomy - Bodywork that promotes well-being, comfort and balance
PSYCH-K - Helps to change limiting beliefs to address day-to-day challenges
* These services may be covered by insurers & extended health plans.  

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