[Editor's Note: The need for high speed internet in those rural areas of the Cariboo still forced to rely upon either Telus dial up or else so-called "high speed" satellite internet services such as has never been more urgent or greater.

It boggles the mind to think that residents of the Cariboo who, for whatever reasons, are living outside the reach of the normal high speed that the urban dwellers now take for granted still have to contend with the vast array of challenges that face them when using the net.

Of any I ought to know. I've been involved in the publishing industry for well over a decade now and for much of that time had to rely upon my local ISP for dial up service. It was only in the last 3 or 4 years that satellite "high speed" was available but even that is a misnomer for it still is not anywhere near as "high" as what the cable provides and thus is extremely limiting for anyone who requires a fully functioning high speed.

Satellite internet is also very costly and yet even with it many of the functions that city dwellers take for granted are still unavailable. Watching YouTubes or video via satellite high speed or performing video conferencing or sending any appreciable amount of email to one's list or lists is basically still impossible or else so time consuming that it's not worth the effort.

I therefore applaude MLA Simpson's efforts to expedite a swift transition toward a fully functioning service.]











         Bob Simpson
Independent MLA Cariboo North

Media Release
For Immediate Release
October 31, 2011

Bob Simpson, Independent MLA for Cariboo North presented a petition today in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia on behalf of hundreds of constituents calling for the expansion of broadband internet services to rural areas of Cariboo North.   This petition comes as the Provincial Government has entered into an agreement with Telus for a $1-billion internet and cellular expansion project called "Connecting British Columbia" to be implemented over the next 10 years.

“Accessibility to broadband internet services is essential as we enter the second decade of the 21st century,” said Simpson.  “Rural residents and businesses must have access to high speed internet so they remain vibrant and competitive.  There are tremendous cultural, educational, and economic benefits to having improved broadband internet options in every community in the Cariboo.”
MLA John Les, Parliament Secretary to the Premier, was recently in Cariboo North and stated that during his tour of the province it became clear to him that access to rural broadband internet was a major need in rural British Columbia and that he has echoed these needs to the Premier and Cabinet.
However, in order for the Telus agreement to be successful in rural BC, the government needs to restore funding to the "Connecting Citizens" grant program which allowed communities to partner with Internet Service Providers (ISP) to expand rural internet connectivity. "Failure to continue to fund this grant program will limit the opportunity for ISPs to work with rural communities to enhance existing connectivity and to expand coverage to more rural and remote areas of the province" said the Independent MLA.
In order to maximize the new agreement with Telus in rural BC, the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) must dramatically improve its ability to permit access to crown lands for the towers and other infrastructure required to expand cellular and internet service in rural areas. "It can take up to two years for ISPs to get approvals to access Crown land on which to build their infrastructure. I hope that some of the additional $24 million the government has put towards addressing the permitting backlog in FLNRO will go toward enabling faster access to land to improve internet and cellular services in Cariboo North," said Simpson.
“I look forward to working with the Government to ensure that rural communities in Cariboo North and across the Province have access to enhanced broadband internet services under the new $1 billion agreement with Telus.”
More information on the Connecting British Columbia Agreement can be found at

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