Mayor Sjostrom: How I spend taxpayer’s money is none of your business!




Mary Sjostrom, Quesnel’s controversial Mayor is finding herself afloat in some rather hot political waters as her tenureship appoaches its final days. Having recently declared her intention to run for re-election in the upcoming municipal elections in November of 2011 Mayor Sjostrom will now have to convince Quesnel taxpayers and voters that her approach to government over the next three years will be that of a leader equipped to deal with political and economic challenges that are sure to intensify as the local, provincial, national and global economies continue in a downward spiral.

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It appears that the spending habits of Mayor Sjostrom and that of some of her fellow Councillors over the past few years has drawn both the attention and the ire of the city’s finance chair Mr. Sushil Thapar who has been tracking the manner in which the elected officials have been utilizing the dwindling funds that keep both the infrastructure and the economy of the city on the straight and narrow track of fiscal accountability.

As the following video footage taken during the August 15, 2011 regular council meeting shows, Mayor Mary is not impressed by the tough questions being asked of her by Coun. Thapar and Coun. Paull during this recent council meeting and when asked by Coun. Thapar to declare her expenses on the seven different committees the Mayor sits on her turgid response was, "I have said it before and I will say it again, it is none of your business."



Coun. Ron Paull was also concerned about Mayor Sjostrom's rather strident remark to the city finance chair and appears to be in full support of Coun. Thapar's ongoing efforts to clear up this pressing issue.

Given that the Mayor has been publicly stating that her council is "open and transparent" one wonders why there is so much delay and resistance to providing the finance chair with his requests.