Does B.C. Cabinet Corruption Continue – With “A Yankee Fix”?

Does B.C. Cabinet Corruption Continue – With “A Yankee Fix”?
By Robin Mathews
December 09, 2011
The search, Christy Clark says, in the government propaganda video, was “extensive”.  It wasn’t.  An “extensive” search was made, she says, for an independent police monitor for B.C. He may be called a Chief Civilian Director for Independent Investigations of police misdoings.
Then Premier Christy Clark and Attorney General Shirley Bond - in the same propaganda video - modify the statement to say appointee Richard Rosenthal will deal with “some” police misdoings – explicitly, deaths allegedly caused by police, and/or the use of physical violence.  Some time later … much later … he might get to other things.

Other things?  Well, he might get to police collaboration with Special Prosecutors appointed by the Attorney General to destroy, to bury, or to fabricate evidence on behalf of cabinet members and their corporate friends.  He might get to the refusal of the RCMP (as top B.C. RCMP officer Gary Bass refused) to act on formal requests to investigate alleged criminal actions by members of the cabinet (including then premier Gordon Campbell).

But he probably won’t get to those things … at all.
In fact, Richard Rosenthal is instructed, he is ordered, he is PAID – not to look at any police misdoings before December 7, 2011.  Richard Rosenthal has agreed to those terms, throwing both his credibility and his integrity into doubt from Day One.


What are the specific terms of Richard Rosenthal’s appointment?  Neither Clark not Bond has attempted to tell the public.  How much is Richard Rosenthal being paid?  We have not been told.  Why not?  Will he be paid $1 million a year like the other Yankee appointment, David Hahn, head of B.C. Ferries?
Was Richard Rosenthal hired for the same reasons David Hahn was hired?  To go around the people of B.C. and serve a corrupt cabinet by doing special dirty work?  
If the search was “extensive”, and a Canadian was sought, why didn’t we know about it?  Why didn’t we see ads in the Globe and Mail?  Why didn’t we see an announcement of the search on the Attorney General’s website?  Why didn’t Christy Clark announce in press conferences that the government was looking for a tough, independent, Canadian of irreproachable integrity to begin work as police monitor and to build for B.C. a tough, truly independent, public oversight body with real teeth?
I suggest we didn’t see those things because Christy Clark did not want that kind of person anywhere near corrupt police activity in B.C. and its intimate link to the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark cabinets.
Because there was not an “extensive search”, we may ask why a U.S. person was chosen – who doesn’t know Canada, doesn’t know B.C., doesn’t know Canadian law, doesn’t know the culture he is entering, and doesn’t know any ordinary Canadians in B.C. with whom he can chat and consult – even off the record?
Let us not fool ourselves.  Let us not be gulled by Christy Clark and Shirley Bond.  To set up an independent, B.C., non-police, public body with real power to oversee police behaviour is NOT Rocket Science. It requires some care and decent enabling legislation.  The best person to undertake the task is a B.C. Canadian with integrity.  I suggest Christy Clark and Shirley Bond would be terrified to appoint a B.C. Canadian with integrity.
The reasons they would choose someone from the U.S.A. become, upon reflection, clearer and clearer.  Let us count some of the ways.
The first reason must be that, though belatedly, the new NDP leader Adrian Dix is on the record as believing there needs to be a Public Inquiry into BC Rail (the BC Rail Scandal).
Those with careful memories remember (reason #2) that Christy Clark was Deputy Premier through the dirty years when BC Rail was corruptly transferred to CN Rail.  We remember, too, (reason #3) that during some of the dirtiest cover-up months when key email correspondence was being buried or destroyed in the BC Rail Scandal trial of Basi, Virk, and Basi, Shirley Bond was Deputy Premier of British Columbia.
Ms. Bond (reason #4) was elected in 2001 and has been in cabinet (sharing “cabinet responsibility”) through years of the corrupt administrations of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark.
Reason #5 has to loom large.  Not only was Christy Clark Deputy Premier during the early BC Rail Scandal years, she was much more. We know a police search of the home of her brother Bruce Clark turned up confidential cabinet documents allegedly delivered to him by the men convicted in the Basi, Virk, and Basi case. He appears to have been an agent for a party interested in the sale of BC Rail.
Bruce Clark was never charged with anything.  Christy Clark was familiar with and had conversations with the convicted men.  Those conversations need examination.  Erik Bornmann, Liberal activist and self-confessed briber in the case against Basi, Virk, and Basi, was – especially – exempted from charges as a Crown witness.  Bornmann was a partner with Brian Kieran, also never charged with anything and – in fact – apparently never thoroughly investigated.  Christy Clark, it is alleged, was a friend or acquaintance of all those men.
Defence counsel alleged during the years of pre-trial and trial that the three accused men were “targetted”, the charges against them “tailored”.  If the allegation is true, those things could not have happened without the close collaboration of the RCMP and the  Special Prosecutor illegitimately appointed to the case by the Attorney General’s office.  We may say with some confidence that the cabinet very much wanted convictions against the three accused.  One may argue (reason #6) that Premier Christy Clark and Attorney General Shirley Bond do not want any police activity looked at that occurred before December 7, 2011.
In such a case – where thick clouds of suspicion hang over government leaders, over their wealthy and powerful corporate friends, over the police, and over significant members of the judiciary – what can political power do?
Political power can pretend it wants a clean slate, a Brave New World – and that it wants to bring back The Rule Of Law to the land.  If it is successful in its sham display – the mountain of crimes it has allegedly already cooperated in can be buried, or at least pushed out of sight.
How can political power carry that off?
It can do so by finding someone to create a brave, new beginning - who will live in a bubble – talking only to mostly corrupt politicians, their mostly corrupt corporate friends, to mostly corrupt police officers, and to some corrupt members of the judiciary, and to members of the media – mostly bought servants of the corporate class.  Political power can do so by having the person brought from afar to live in what is an almost completely closed world. It can do so by having the terms of the person’s appointment so narrow that he can only cover up or block access to past misdeeds.
Where can someone like that be found?  Why, in another country, of course.  But what country?  The U.S.A. might be a good country because many Canadians are indoctrinated to believe Yankees are, somehow, always superior to Canadians. Why not, then, a Yankee, right out of the U.S.A.?
Perfect.  Get him. Pay him well.  Give him his orders.  Make him answerable only to his corrupt employers.  Restrict his meetings with real Canadians.  And … let … him … go.
Most important.  Have him set up – as fast as he can – barriers to the investigation of crimes police are alleged to have committed with and for corrupt politicians, their wealthy corporate friends, corrupt members of the judiciary, and corrupt members of “the oldest  profession” – the press and media.
If he succeeds, all the criminals working in B.C. in “the BC Rail Scandal” before December 7, 2011, will get off scot-free.  Except, of course, for the three non-white men, the three Sikhs chosen to take a pratfall so, hopefully, they disguise the endless list of real, serious, heavy-weight, white-skinned criminals.
When things got hot and heavy for the real criminals in the trial – the trial of Basi, Virk, and Basi – the more than seven year fabrication collapsed in hours.  It collapsed with the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark cabinet paying every cent of lawyers’ fees, court costs, and all … all the rest. That payment was so odious the Auditor General of B.C. is investigating and having to go to court to force answers from squeaky-clean Premier Christy Clark and Attorney General Shirley Bond.
Richard Rosenthal should never have been hired to B.C. from Denver, Colorado.  Richard Rosenthal should never have accepted the terms of his appointment.  He should be invited to leave British Columbia, now.  Whenever Richard Rosenthal appears in public, Canadians should have one thing to say to him, and one thing only: “Yankee Go Home”.
Robin Mathews is a Canadian writer, author and poet who lives in Vancouver, B.C. He has been a political activist for most of his life and has taught in a number of Canadian universities over the past half century. Robin has written columns for other publications connected with the editor of the QC Sentinel.
He can be reached at Robin Mathews