BC Hydro's Smart Meters: Dumb, Dangerous & Dictatorial

Installation of Smart Meters an infringement of Canadian Rights

October 21, 2011

Dear Editor:

cc: MP Dick Harris, MLA Bob Simpson, City of Quesnel (Mayor and Council), City Hall

Re: Smart Meters

I am deeply concerned about the people and all biological systems that inhabit this community and province; as well as other areas that have had Smart Meters imposed upon it.  As a health care practitioner who has utilized electro-magnetic (EMF) technology for the provision of health care since 2006, I, as well as many clients/patients, can attest to the affect that even extremely short (1/100 sec), small amperage EMF pulses can have on human beings and living systems. In controlled settings, biofeedback systems utilize EMF pulses that are precise, specific frequencies which are calibrated and harmonized to only provide health enhancement.  Such a biofeedback system is default set to disallow any frequency that could potentially be harmful to the client/patient through specifically calibrating the biofeedback system to that client.



The potential detrimental health effect on humans due to Radio Frequency (RF) pulses emitted by Smart Meters; which can emit over 2,000 microwatts/cm2 (uW/cm2) of microwave radiation up to every five seconds for over five seconds per pulse, 24/7) is difficult to fathom.

In addition, the detrimental effect on humans, plants and animals of such radiation has been, and continues to be documented.

BC Hydro is not being truthful about cost savings (there have been no savings reported in other jurisdictions that have implemented them – California), potential health effects as well as with respect to how much and how often the Smart Meters emit RF microwave radiation.

On September 30, 2011 the Union of B.C. Municipalities voted for a moratorium on the Smart Meter program but the Provincial Government has stated that the vote is not binding upon them and that the program to install a Smart Meter on every home and business in this province will go ahead.

While that may be so, the fundamental democratic right of all Canadians to protect their health from a possible carcinogen, specifically the electromagnetic fields emitted by the Smart Meter, supersedes any right of the provincial government, BC Hydro or its agents to install a Smart Meter on the property of its citizens.

There is no opt-out program in place coming from the side of Government or BC Hydro so there are attempts being made from the public forum to attain that.

I find it breathtaking that the BC provincial government takes the stance of mandatory compliance on the heels of the HST issue, given the latest comment by one of their own representatives.

“Anytime there’s consultation, that’s a good thing,” said Shachi Kurl, director of B.C. Affairs for the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. “With the HST, there was little to no consultation and you saw the results of that experiment.”  Ryan Charkow, CBC News Posted: Sep 30, 2011 11:13 AM ET

As a result of personal observation and research on the effect of non-therapeutic EMF radiation on human and other biological systems, I have chosen to restrict exposure of my body and property to EMF radiation. There is no television, microwave oven or wireless computer system in my home; just as there is no electrical power supplying the room in which I sleep.

Knowing that the EMF of a Smart Meter will penetrate my home, I perceive the potential installation of a Smart Meter on my property against my wishes as an infringement on my rights as a Canadian citizen to live the way in which I choose as a means to protect my own health.

Thus I fully intend to stand up for my rights as a Canadian citizen and will do everything in my power to prevent the mandatory installation of a Smart Meter on my property and on the properties of the citizens of this community and the province.

I am now formally requesting that you become well informed on this issue.

Given the included links to information and other information easily obtainable, should you choose to do nothing, I will take it as a tacit agreement with the BC provincial government’s stance of indifference to my Canadian rights, my health and equally the rights and the health of its citizens with respect to this issue.

Further, I will also take it that you tacitly agree with the systematic electromagnetic poisoning of the citizens and environment of this community and the province of British Columbia.

If you wish to have the links to information referred to in this letter, make that request to lyndshealthservices@shaw.ca.

Final note: If you want to write a letter demanding that your smart meter be removed and replaced with the mechanical or a non smart meter digital version please go to the following url:


Erika Lynds


[Editor’s note: Erika Lynds has also sent notice of refusal of Smart Meter on her residence/workplace to BC Hydro, Corix Utilities and agents and/or assignees with copies to NDP Energy Critic John Horgan, NDP Deputy Health Critic Sue Hammell, Green Party federal leader Elizabeth May, Minister of Health, Mike de Jong, NDP Health Critic Mike Farnworth, Minister of Energy, Rich Coleman, B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark, B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix, B.C. Green Party leader Jane Sterk and B.C. Refed leader Ingrid Voigt.]