COLLUSION: HUMANITY ON THE BRINK By Arthur Topham January 18, 2021






Arthur Topham

January 18, 2021


The year 2020 is fast receding into a background of broken dreams and lost opportunities. 

As the vision of hope (once held when 2019 concluded) that it would bring clarity and cohesion to a world fraught with seemingly endless turmoil on all levels – social, political and spiritual – has now failed to manifest and worse still has become exacerbated to a point where we find ourselves on the actual brink of a pending global disaster that could destroy humanity itself, it’s time to reflect upon the course we are now taking.

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Blockbuster letter from Dr Malthouse to Prov. Health Officer Henry

Blockbuster letter from Dr Malthouse to BC Prov. Health Officer Henry


Denman Island, BC V0R 1T0

October 2020

To :   Dr. Bonnie Henry,
British Columbia Provincial Health Officer,
Ministry of Health,
1515 Blanshard Street,
Victoria, BC V8W 3C9

Dear Dr. Henry,

I am a physician who has been in family medical practice in BC for more than 40 years and a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC since 1978.

Open Letter to Liberal Candidate for Cariboo North Coralee Oakes

Open Letter to Liberal Candidate for Cariboo North Coralee Oakes


Dear Coralee,


In the event that you are wondering why my Open Letter is only addressed to yourself and not the other candidates who are running in this election I decided to not bother including their names for the simple reason that I consider them to be not amenable to common sense and therefore it would be a waste of time and energy on my part.


That said, I’ll confine my comments and criticisms to what I see contained in your election brochure photo as seen above which I received in my rural mailbox out in Cottonwood. 


The catch phrases for the BC Liberals platform appear to be “Restore Confidence.” and “Rebuild BC.” Both these phrases are reminiscent of U.S. President Donald Trump’s now famous slogan “Make America Great Again” – MAGA for short. This should not be misconstrued as meaning anything negative with respect to that idea or concept of restoring confidence in a nation’s or province’s self-image as I agree with the idea in principle. 


Dismantling the Infrastructure of Tyranny By Arthur Topham



Editor’s Note: [from Mar. 27/03] With the onset of war many within the Peace Movement are frantically seeking ways in which to stop the US-sponsored aggression. There is at the same time an overwhelming push by the US administration and its allies to draw the rest of the world into its illegal hostilities. That purpose is obvious. It’s meant to legitimize a heinous act that has no reasonable or moral basis. Bush’s Big Brother media conglomerate is now in full swing delivering around the clock propaganda into the collective mind of the general public while at the same time covertly attempting to undermine the world wide web so that alternative perspectives to the US agenda are censored as we just saw in the recent hacking of the Al-Jaseera website in the middle east. We are facing an immediate global crisis that’s been in the making for decades. 


The following article is one attempt to try and give a general overview of why we are where we’re at and what needs to be done in order to end the misery and the killing once and for all. It is not intended as a spoof. It is a serious critique not only of one activist’s search for understanding but of the Peace Movement in general and the the imminent battle looming on Earth’s horizon; one that will affect us all and therefore one which it behooves all freedom-loving people to consider. It’s my hope that you will read it and weigh carefully the proposal it contains. Any serious criticism and further insights are most welcome. Those who are in the business of publishing have full rights to reprint it so long as it is carried in total and credit is given. Thank you. In Peace & Solidarity.








Arthur Topham

July 5th, 1997 


Behind every war there's always the clash of opposing ideologies and the ongoing skirmishes in the forestlands of B.C. between government/industry and the environmentalists are no exception.


As a 'war' correspondent so to speak and a partisan fighter/protester I've been involved in the environmental movement for thirty years. During that time I've had ample opportunity to observe battle lines and game plans and strategies and to assess the impacts occurring as a result of all the media coverage; yet, throughout these three decades of duelling and discord I have still to witness anything like a balanced and comprehensive analysis of the primal causes underlying this drama.


All too often the Establishment media tends to portray the environmentalists in a negative light much like they do any of the other liberation movements around the globe.  This tactic, as powerful and effective as it is, ultimately must fail because any resistance movement is only successful in proportion to the amount of support it gains from the general populace and in the case of the environmentalists the public is not about to forsake them and hand over sole responsibility to governments and corporations.  I'll touch on this later in the article but for now let's  consider some of the other questions that surround this issue. 


Why is this struggle occurring now?  Why is it being played out on an international scale by such a diversity of people?  What are the underlying motives for both sides?  What, if anything, can be said about the outcome?  Are we to expect these incidents to be ongoing?  Is a peaceful conclusion a reasonable proposition given all the factors involved? If not, will we see an escalation of the conflict as the two sides involved become increasingly polarized? 


These are the questions that require attention in the hope that those who are torn between the pragmatic priorities of jobs and day-to-day survival and those who's vision goes beyond immediate wants and needs might better understand the major forces working themselves out here. 


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Dreaming of Donald By Arthur Topham



Dreaming of Donald

Arthur Topham
May 23rd, 2016


“Trump is Scottish!

This may not surprise you, but you will be happy to learn that Donald Trump is not only of German extraction but also is at least half Scottish, both his maternal grandparents and his mother being born in Scotland.  Strangely he hasn’t mentioned this compelling evidence of insight, intellect, honesty and productivity. Perhaps he is simply too modest (a virtue) or believes that voters could think he were boasting.  Or, maybe he’s just saving the best news for a good punch-line!
What a change from the sleazy, parasitic money-changers, traitors and con-men who have controlled our lives and destiny during the past few decades. Given more time they would have dispossessed us of both our freedom and our assets, not to mention our reputation.”

~ Ian V. Macdonald, former Canadian Ambassador, Publisher and Author


Recently I received an email from my friend and associate Ian V. Macdonald that contained a brief biographical sketch of Donald Trump’s life and work. Given all the divergent media hype from every possible angle that’s been flooding cyberspace for months now I decided to read the bio through and maybe…just maybe… try to catch a bit of general, objective information on this colourful and provocative individual who has managed to throw the whole nation of American into a state of turbulent confusion, outrage and, yes, even hope…hope that there still could be a slim chance that the US of A might redeem its soul and get back to its non-GMO roots during these trying times.

After reading the bio on Trump I didn’t give it much more thought but later that night, much to my amused amazement I ended up having a dream about Donald T! I wish I had gotten out of bed right away and wrote down everything that went on but, alas, I didn’t. The next day I could only recollect the fact that Donald Trump was in the scenarios that were passing through my dreamworld and that he was talking with me and just hanging out like one of the guys (so to speak). The substance of our discussions are gone and all that was left was a feeling or tone; a mood of mind wherein what had transpired was nothing more than common place as if it had been my neighbour from across the road who’d appeared in the night to discuss some mundane subject with me.

What was totally missing from the dream was the media circus frenzy that has been performing non-stop since Donald Trump announced to the world that he definitely had a dog in the presidential race. Speculation and assumption from every quarter has been the order of the day when it comes to coverage of every word and deed (past and present) of Donald Trump.

Those who have witnessed American politics over the past six or seven decades and seen every dirty trick in the book used in order to capture the title to the Number 1 spot on the global political calendar are the most skeptical of Trump (and rightfully so). Those who’ve been immersed in the political process and have benefited from it’s manipulation by the powerful lobbyists have had the comfort of pre-emptive foreknowledge of events pulled from under their feet and are being forced for the first time to actually consider radical possibilities that could unfold should Trump end up triumphant in his quest for the presidential title.

Being one of the former group above I have been observing the machinations of the U.S.A. since that historic day on November 22nd, 1963 when I first heard the intercom suddenly come on in my high school class and the principal announcing to us that US President J.F. Kennedy had been assassinated. It was the first forewarning that the world was heading down the rough road to hell.

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Reflections of an Old Dog by Nonny


Editor's Note: Reflections of an Old Dog by Nonny was a regular column in the The Radical when it was being printed in hard copy from 1998 to 2002. I hadn't heard from Nonny for quite a number of years until just recently when he sent me the following column. I guess the condition of the world has got to him again and he had to share his reflections during these challenging times. I hope you'll enjoy his article. He appears to be just as sharp as ever.


Reflections of an Old Dog



Hi, my friend;

I bet you were thinking that I kicked the bucket, but I assure you I am still kicking in this world. Much grayer, mind you but still here, and full of worry at what is happening all around us!That’s really why I’m writing you. Are any of the old types that used to print my stories still around? Because if they are, I want to tell them what I think is happening, and what we need to watch out for.

So I see several things that are putting us and all our relatives in danger. Let me just list the main ones I can think of.Looking up at the sky, I see all these so called chem trails. I’ve been watching the skies all my life, and these things weren’t around when I was young. Mind they’ve been around for some 15, 20 years now. I didn’t pay them any attention first, thinking they were just contrails. But then I began to notice how they spread out and never disappeared, and turned into clouds that stayed put. And I figured that’s not normal, and it ain’t right.

And when I looked into it a bit, I saw it really wasn’t right.

What do people think will happen if you pump chemicals in the air 24/7/365 for ever! One sure thing is they won’t stay up in the skies hanging by sky hooks! They’ll fall to the ground. And some of those nano sized chemicals apparently ( I asked a chemist abut this) dry out vegetation. And they change the Ph of the soils. And waters. Like for example that nano sized aluminum is alkaline. Did you notice the lakes taste sort of salty nowadays? That’s alkaline.

Now if they dry out vegetation like trees, you’d suppose these trees would be more likely to burn faster. So how about all those catastrophic forest fires in many places around the world? Did the trees dry out because of the aluminum sprayed on them? And of course who knows what all is in them chem trails, besides. Is the air the new ocean, where we used to dump garbage till people noticed that we have a problem with dead zones, and plastic. So are they now sending garbage like fly ash up in the air? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it!

But that’s not all that’s come down on us since I last wrote you. This wireless everywhere is making me dizzy. I can’t visit with my friends in town anymore without feeling sort of ill. Being an outdoor guy I feel it when things aren’t right. And they aren’t. I think we’re really killing much of the life around us, but we blame all sorts of other things, like climate change, and now this covid 19. And folks are trying to say CO2 is to blame. Well if we eliminate that, we’re signing our death warrant, because green plants from grasses to trees need it to live, and they in return make oxygen that keeps us alive. I’m noticing that some trees are greener and happy because they have more nutrition. Of course in some areas we have clearcut so much the ground dries out and you get pine where before you had fir, or even cedar.

So frankly I am most worried about this continuous increase in the wireless, smart meters on every house these days, cell towers on schools and hospitals, and now proposing 5G to be on every second telephone pole, if not every one! Our brain and out heart run on our own weak sort of electricity that comes from the earth, so how is this much stronger stuff not going to overwhelm our system? It will. And it already is!

What is especially immoral -- and I don’t use that word often -- is that this is sold as a convenience, but in reality it’s all for the billions in profits for the industry. And the CEO’s and big shareholders don’t care how much suffering they cause. I often wonder what they’ll do when they’ve killed life on this planet. Will they fly to another one? If they have some such place in mind, I wish they’d go there right now, and leave the rest of us in peace here. It’s such a beautiful place if you don’t live in a big city hi-rise condo and can actually see it!

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Join Exopolitics in an International Emergency Injunction to STOP Perpetrators of Plandemic 2020


Join Exopolitics in an International Emergency Injunction

to STOP Perpetrators of Plandemic 2020


Hi! We would like to invite you to consider joining in under the International Criminal Code against the perpetrators of Plandemic 2020.

Here are some recent examples of why we are inviting you to join in and why you should gather a group to start an action under the International Criminal Code against the perpetrators of Plandemic 2020.

1. Unlawful genocide - The legal ground is being laid for an unlawful genocide and crime against humanity under the pretext of Plandemic 2020. Consider this recent Case in the United States of America: A court has ruled that Connecticut’s governor and public health commissioner have broad authority to force residents into involuntary medical quarantines

2. Criminal conspiracy - Coherent public exposes of the criminal conspiracy behind Plandemic 2020 are now in the public domain. For example, here is ForbiddenKnowledgetv's summary of a recent film exposing key elements of the actors and crimes committed in staging Plandemic 2020:

Plandemic II: Indoctornation


Dear Alfred,

This is a flabbergasting film, an all-important film and very timely film, which you must view and share with everyone you know.

It is, of course being blocked by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I've embedded a version from Brighteon on my site which does not display optimally, so you may choose to watch on directly on Brighteon, here.

Below are my notes on the film. If you prefer to read these notes as a PDF, they can be downloaded here.


The film opens with actual footage of Event 201, held 5 months prior to the pandemic in October 2019 in New York City, sponsored by the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates and Michael Bloomberg.

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Walmart Employee Calls Woman a "whoring slut" when she questions store policy on masks



Walmart Employee Calls Woman a "whoring slut" When She Questions Store Mask Policy

And Then Is Arrested For "Disturbing the Peace".


Heather Gillies

August 19, 2020 - at Walmart Guildford Mall, Surrey, BC


Prior to arrest - on August 11, 2020 - I went to another Walmart at Surrey Central Mall. On their loud speaker it said "as of August 12th it will be mandatory to wear a mask to shop at Walmart." I went to Customer Service to get clarification about this. I told them I have a letter from my doctor excusing me from wearing a mask - and the clerk went to speak to her supervisor. The clerk came back and told me "it is NOT mandatory to wear a mask if you do not want to."  I told her: "Why don't you explain to people on your loudspeaker that it is not mandatory - otherwise some irate customer could get angry with me because I am not wearing a mask?"  Well, this is exactly what happened to me one week later: An irate male employee/customer? -called me a whoring slut because I was not wearing a mask at the Walmart Guildford entranceway. 


Arrested at Walmart on August 19, 2020 at approx. 4:30pm. I went to Walmart Guildford. Upon entering the store, -I was told by Sandy (Walmart door checker) that I must wear a mask to enter. I explained that Walmart Customer Service told me that it is not mandatory to wear a mask - and I told Sandy I have a doctor's letter excluding me from a mask. Sandy told me I have to leave without a mask. I asked to speak to Customer Service - and she said I could not come inside. I asked to speak to the Store Manager and Sandy said, "there she is" (she was just walking through the door behind me.) This woman Manager was 35 - 40's in age. She had straight blonde hair past her shoulders and medium build. She was medium build. When I asked for her name - she refused to give it to me. (I have never encountered a Manager refusing to give their name before.) I asked to speak to her - so I could tell her about my doctor's letter and explain how Walmart Surrey Place told me mask wearing was not mandated. She told me to leave their store. I told her I plan on leaving - once I get her name. I told her I spend a lot of money in this store and I will never shop here again.  She said she does not have time to talk to me and she scurried off after refusing to release her name. 


Along with Sandy (Walmart door checker), and the Walmart Security doorman - another plain clothed Paladin Security Manager came up. He said he was the Paladin Manager - his first name Isaac. I kept telling everyone - I just want the Manager's name and I will leave. Various people were coming up to me - one older woman store clerk told me I am putting people in danger - she went on about how her relative died from Covid. I just wanted the Manager's name so I could leave and deal with this incident in writing when I got home. Sandy (door checker) - who happens to be an older friend of my daughter - had her back to me. I tapped on her shoulder to get her attention. I told her "do not ever talk to me again." (I only mention me tapping on Sandy's shoulder because when the Police arrived later they accused me of assaulting people and coughing on them). While every employee was refusing to give me their name - I made it clear- I will never shop here again. 


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Open letter to Mayor and Council City of Quesnel, BC


***Editor's Note: The following Open Letter to the Mayor and Council of Quesnel first appeared on the local FB group Quesnel In Action on July 21st, the same day that Mayor Simpson had the Quesnel Gold Pan City sign removed from its old location at the start of the Barkerville Hwy and Hwy 97 North. The Author of this letter Debra Cann McKelvie administers Quesnel In Action.

Preface to the Letter from Quesnel In Action: Do not comment unless you read the entire report. Yes, It's extensive. It shows that the relocation of the gold pan was kept from the public and not voted on by Council until Oct. of 2019. At that time, a committee of local folks opposed to the relocation was formed to get a petition started which has since been hand delivered in early May to Mayor and Council. The report given by the City Manager on June 23, 2020 is the main focus of the report, however we have taken it several steps further to show you, the public, the actual minutes and relevant reports on the issue of relocating the gold pan. Judge for yourselves. Thank you for taking the time to get through this and PM me if you have any questions as I will not be fielding questions here.

July 21, 2020

Open letter to Mayor and Council City of Quesnel

Re: City Manager’s “fact check” on relocation of gold pan - June 23, 2020


Debra Cann McKelvie


Last fall, after it was first made public that the City had voted at a meeting to relocate the gold pan to the rail yard, I requested all the information through FOI regarding the relocation of the gold pan over the past three years. Mainly, in view of Mayor Simpson asserting that the gold pan was simply a marketing “gimmick” from the 80's and the matter of relocating the gold pan had been settled two - three years, or perhaps two years previously by Council, and therefore was a done deal.

I am confused, as will you be, at the report given by our City Manager at the Council meeting on June 23, 2020 unless there are two sets of minutes, one for the City and one for the public.

It is interesting to note that at the Council meeting just prior to June 23, 2020, the City Manager was given license in a policy resolution to oversee and reprimand the Council members. To my knowledge this should not be the mandate of any City Manager as politics and the operations of running the City are to be kept strictly separate.

Quite frankly, I was shocked at the footage I watched of the June 23, 2020 Council meeting as I certainly had NOT discovered the same information as the City Manager. I thought it best to have another serious examination of the materials sent to me and to do some careful research of my own. Not only was our senior member of Council completely shut down by our Mayor because he questions and sometimes opposes the status quo, he was not given anywhere near his 15 minutes to defend the allegations against him. What did Ron Paull want to say?

From what I have seen and not heard from our Council members through reaching out personally (with respect to the relocation of the gold pan) to all of our Council members via email and hand delivering a 600+ name petition is puzzling. The silence from our elected officials, other than the Mayor, with respect to the matter is doubly puzzling. I can only come to the conclusion that the bullying and intimidation by the Mayor of our Council members is out of hand and must be addressed.

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