Quesnel Civic Elections

Congratulations Ron Paull You Gave It Your All

Post Campaign Reflections
By Ron Paull
Three days have passed and I suddenly realized I've been ignoring my Face book page! My bad!
First and foremost... congratulations (and I mean that!) to Mayor Mary and her new council! Well done!
I would like to highlight congrats to Ed Coleman... who, for very understandable compassionate reasons, was unable to participate in much of the campaign. In spite of that he topped the polls... true testament to his well-known good character. He will indeed be a valuable contributor to the new team! 
Although I lost by only 102 votes, I take heart in winning in West Quesnel and North Quesnel. I think my opposition to the South Quesnel-founded idea of a parcel tax for West Quesnel Land Stability was the second factor that did me in.
Obviously the third man split was the first factor, but once I had announced my candidacy, I was committed. I tried to talk him into running for council, as he would have been a shoe-in. He said he couldn't afford to be just a councillor.
To win over an incumbent in a three-way race on a cold, windy and icy day is a long shot at best! The reality of my last council meeting on the 28th of November is sinking in... although I will only be able to sit in for a short while, as I will be working at our annual Rotary Auction that evening, too.


Editorial: What Kind of City Do You Want?

Editorial: What Kind of City Do You Want?



Arthur Topham
QC Sentinel

November 18, 2011

Well, basically, it's all over except for the crying, the laughter, the joy and the disappointment that inevitably result whenever the citizens have the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to vote for those who will, afterwards, rule the roost so to speak.

It's been for many, if not all, the candidates in this municipal race a grueling and demanding marathon where their time and their energy has been maxed out to the limits of endurance.

As one of the contestants for council, Mitchell Vik, so aptly put it last evening when I caught him racing out of his K-MAX video store to attend yet another evening event, "There's no rest for wicked you know...."

Ron Paull Mayoral Campaign off to a colourful start

Judging from the volume of campaign signs covering the slope leading up to Quesnel's Gold Pan City welcome sign at the junction of Hwy 97 N and the Barkerville Hwy mayoral candidate Ron Paull is red hot and full of imaginative slogans.

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