Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic Moves to Front Street

Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic is happy to announce that they have relocated their services to a new location at 691 Front Street in the former building where Gook Surveying once resided.
Erika Lynd of Lynds Health Services Inc. wants the public to know that the new Care Clinic is situated just north of the GR Baker Hospital and the Fraserview Medical building. 
Quesnel is fortunate to have these services available and the Sentinel wishes them all the best.
Quesnel's Holistic Health Care Clinic

691 Front Street

Our fully licensed and certified health care practitioners offer a variety of natural health care services.



Lynds Health Services Inc.   250-992-3603
Erika M. Lynds RMT CBS
Registered Massage Therapist * - Deep tissue massage therapy
                                                     - Preferred practice in sports & orthopedics
Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist           - Stress testing & adaptation retraining
                                                                             - Nutritional consulting
                                                                             - Wellness & life-style consulting
Whole Body Health Therapeutic Massage     250-991-0047
Lori Loeppky RMT

Registered Massage Therapist * - Deep tissue massage therapy
                                                     - General practice - Physical rehabilitation of injuries - Chronic pain management
Qi Flow Traditional Chinese Medicine Inc.  1-877-614-6585
Dr. Jody Brandolini  Dr.TCM R.Ac. 
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine * - Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnosis
Registered Acupuncturist * - Needle stimulation of specific points on the body to affect the body's energy or Qi.
                                             - Treatment of infectious diseases, medical/surgical  conditions, skin diseases, gynecology, ENT: eyes, ears, nose and throat, neurological conditions, sports injuries
Kokopelli Consulting           250-983-2585
Paige Sadler MA CCC

Certified Clinical Counselor * - Solution Focused Counselling; providing creative solutions to life challenges
                                                  - Serving families, individuals, adults and children's needs
Tranquility Wellness Ltd.
Krista Dunleavey CBS
Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist   - Stress testing & adaptation retraining
                                                                      - Wellness & life-style consulting
                                                                      -  Mobile/on site & animal services
Ether Ore            250-991-0143
Leigh Cassidy OB, PSYCH-K

Ortho-Bionomy - Bodywork that promotes well-being, comfort and balance
PSYCH-K - Helps to change limiting beliefs to address day-to-day challenges
* These services may be covered by insurers & extended health plans.