October 2011

Chamber of Commerce All Candidate 'Debate' lackluster & lame

Chamber of Commerce All Candidate 'Debate' lackluster & lame

QC Sentinel Editorial

By Arthur Topham

'Lackluster', 'old hat', 'par for the course' and 'lame' are terms that come to mind when I think about the recent all candidates meeting at Correlieu Senior Secondary hosted by the Quesnel & District Chamber of Commerce.

There are likely various reasons why I got this impression but more specifically I think it had something to do with the fact that the event, in terms of public's awareness of it, was severely lacking and in that regard I would have to point a finger at Quesnel's own home town newspaper the Quesnel Cariboo Observer for not having advertised it sufficiently (or even at all). If the chamber advertised it they must have done so via the local radio or via cable tv as I didn't see any announcement from them either of them in the Observer (I double checked the last two editions leading up to the October 27th gathering and not a single word was found). On top of this Quesnel's local tv network, Shaw, was unavailable to film the event. It begs the question as to who organized it on a date where the visual media would be unable to cover it. Fortunately some of the candidates, in particular Ron Paull's team, were able to video the proceedings and will likely be furnishing Shaw with footage soon.



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North Cariboo Christian School removes wireless to protect children









North Cariboo Christian School removes wireless to protect children

story compliments of

Robert Bateman discusses health and Smart Meters (Part 1)

This is just a screen shot. Please click here to watch the video (Part 1).

Ron Paull Mayoral Campaign off to a colourful start

Judging from the volume of campaign signs covering the slope leading up to Quesnel's Gold Pan City welcome sign at the junction of Hwy 97 N and the Barkerville Hwy mayoral candidate Ron Paull is red hot and full of imaginative slogans.

Financial Facts and Comments by City of Quesnel Finance Chair Councillor Sushil Thapar

Financial Facts and Comments


City of Quesnel Finance Chair

Councillor Sushil Thapar

Released on October 27, 2011

1.  Over budget - Library demolition by $11,909.00
     Over budget - Wood waste drop off by $15,463.00
     Over budget  - Well #10 construction $439,789.00 (city has to mitigate those risks as water is essential).
     Over budget - Bike underpass $75,000.00 Dragon Lake hill 1 Million dollar project.
     Over budget - Newman Road project by $66,106.00.  Newman Road developer did not pay a dime for development cost charges to the city. Gook Country Estates sued the city as the developer. That cost city of Quesnel tax payers over $667,000.00.
     Over Budget - St. Laurent Revitalization originally budgeted for $890,000.00 with provision of $375,000.00 grant from Town of Tomorrow, Design $75,000.00 was already paid.  It was supposed to be done in house locally to save money and help our economy. The Grant of $375,000.00 did not show up. Instead council, rather than wait for a different program, decided to go ahead all out of city pocket and then approved over 1 Million dollars.  Now same project increased by $485,000.00. So we have to ask if this is under budget!!!.

Celebrating St. Laurent Avenue's Re-Opening: A Photo Montage

(All photos copyright Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel. Feel free to use them.)

Quesnel Businessman Bruce Broughton MCed the Re-opening ceremonies.


Letter to Editor: Ken vs Fran over Quesnel Gate issue

October 23, 2011

Dear Editor:                                                                                      
In reference to the opinion expressed by Fran MacPherson in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer dated October 14, 2011 bylined “Team Mentality Needed.” I agree with the byline heading, but respectfully disagree with some statements in her letter.


BC Hydro's Smart Meters: Dumb, Dangerous & Dictatorial

Installation of Smart Meters an infringement of Canadian Rights

October 21, 2011

Dear Editor:

cc: MP Dick Harris, MLA Bob Simpson, City of Quesnel (Mayor and Council), City Hall

Re: Smart Meters

I am deeply concerned about the people and all biological systems that inhabit this community and province; as well as other areas that have had Smart Meters imposed upon it.  As a health care practitioner who has utilized electro-magnetic (EMF) technology for the provision of health care since 2006, I, as well as many clients/patients, can attest to the affect that even extremely short (1/100 sec), small amperage EMF pulses can have on human beings and living systems. In controlled settings, biofeedback systems utilize EMF pulses that are precise, specific frequencies which are calibrated and harmonized to only provide health enhancement.  Such a biofeedback system is default set to disallow any frequency that could potentially be harmful to the client/patient through specifically calibrating the biofeedback system to that client.


Rasmussen Clears Sjostrom


[Editor's Note: The following letter was submitted by Quesnel City Manager John Steyck, to the Quesnel Cariboo Observer and published in their September 21, 2011 edition. Unfortunately it was not uploaded to their online edition and is therefore unavailable in that format. The QC Sentinel was able to obtain a hardcopy of the letter which is posted in jpg format below for readers.]

Canada loses by participating in foreign wars.

Canada loses by participating in foreign wars.

Dennis Baptise: A Man for All Seasons

When summer's leaves fall to the streets of Quesnel we know that somewhere in the city Dennis Baptise will be there with broom and bag in hand to gather them up. Bravo Dennis!

Rockin' on Reid Street

A late fall and good weather are all that's necessary for local musicians to get out and do some jamming on Reid Street in Quesnel.

Open Letter to Fisheries and Oceans Canada by Alexandra Morton


Alexandra Morton - Professional Biologist

Open Letter to Fisheries and Oceans Canada

by Alexandra Morton,

October 6, 2011

Dr. Laura Richards
Director General, Science, Pacific Region
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Vancouver, BC.

Dear Dr. Richards:

I am writing to ask for your progress report on the thousands of silver-bright sockeye and now Coho that are floating dead down the Fraser River tributaries feeding into the Harrison River. People on the river say this has been ongoing since early August reaching upstream of Harrison Lake and estimate 100,000 sockeye have died in this area without spawning.













Have a Happy & Peaceful Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all from the Quesnel Cariboo Sentinel!

Quesnel now has a choice. Ron Paull joins Mary Sjostrom in race for mayor's chair

Quesnel now has a choice.

Ron Paull joins Mary Sjostrom in race for mayor's chair


by Arthur Topham

It's a Race!!! Ron Paull declares candidacy for Mayor of Quesnel

It's a Race!!!

Long-time city councillor Ron Paull has decided to make it a race for mayor and give Quesnel voters a choice in next month’s civic elections.


Quesnel Civic Election 2011: How sweet it is!


Quesnel Civic Election 2011: How sweet it is!

by Arthur Topham

October 2, 2011

Revelations abound! Thanks in large measure to the courageous efforts on the part of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer's astute and forthright editor, Autumn Macdonald, practically every edition of the local rag contains at least one article, letter or reference to the ongoing municipal race and those who vie for the gold pan city crown.

Two recent letters to the editor have given both sides in this fiercely contentious debate over government spending and leadership ability added impetus – firstly the letter from local Chartered Accountant, Ronald E. Rasmussen that appeared in the September 21, 2011 edition and secondly the most recent expose on the matter, a long and detailed account by Councillor Ron Paull addressing the Rasmussen letter and much of the controversy that's been spicing up the Observer's pages for months. Unfortunately, to date, neither of these letters are available online other than on the QC Sentinel and can be found here and here. I'm sure that it's but an oversight and they'll be posted on the Observer soon.